A Rye without Businesses and Shops

As Rye’s Own moves into another year we thank all our advertisers, readers and newsagents for the support they have given us through 2015. Without them hard copy versions of the magazine would not be possible.

Readers are asked to support Rye traders whenever they can. Just imagine Rye without businesses and shops. It would be a boring, lifeless place. By shopping in town you are helping Rye. You may save a few bob by travelling to Hastings or Ashford but is it really worth your time and trouble? Continue reading A Rye without Businesses and Shops

Six Spoons Of Sugar

The Story of a WWll Evacuee,

By Richard Holdsworth,

“Six spoons of sugar, Mister, What’s that about?”.

“It’s the Rationing allocation during the war. Six tiny teaspoons.”

“For kids like me?” Continue reading Six Spoons Of Sugar

What Has Changed Since August 2005?


By Jim Hollands

Looking Back

(Written in 2012)

Looking back seven years to the August 2005 issue of “Rye’s Own” I came across the following piece I wrote at that time which contained predictions of what could happen to Rye during the following eight years. I was interested to know how accurate I had been with just one year of the eight left to run.  Continue reading What Has Changed Since August 2005?

Pen & Ink December 2010

Store War

The Store war between Tesco and Sainsbury is becoming a farce, neither of these stores should be allowed to build on the lower school site because of the access problems. Continue reading Pen & Ink December 2010

The Garage at Sellindge

Bob Fisher’s Garage

The Garage on the hill at the northern end of Sellindge was one of the very first in Kent to sell petrol. This was around 1903. Previous to that time the establishment had operated as agricultural engineers, producing and repairing farm machinery. The owners were excellent wheelwrights, a trade which stood the establishment in good stead when motor vehicles began using the roads of Kent. Continue reading The Garage at Sellindge

March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Tesco or Houses?

By Jim Hollands

At the time of writing (26 March 2010), Rye is waiting to hear who are going to be the new owners of the old Primary School in Ferry Road.
A meeting arranged ‘behind closed doors’ is expected to resolve who will be the purchaser.
Will it be Tesco, who have an option on the Adelaide Pub? To get their plans passed Tesco would need this because the main entrance is obstructed by ground Continue reading March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Jimper’s Jottings August 2005

The debates rumble on. he list is endless and it will forever be so until a group with some sense and no axe to grind takes over to plan Rye for the benefit of the town and the people who live here.

Lets face it, Rye lives as a viable place because of its tourists, the town must become even more friendly towards them. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings August 2005

Boom Town of the 60’s

When R.P.M. Was King

Good times and bad times seem to go in cycles. The 1960’s, especially the first half, were boom times for Rye. Continue reading Boom Town of the 60’s