Fools Gold

The Malayan Life of Ferdach O’Haney

By Frederick Lees

Rye Writer featured in Kuala Lumpur Litfest.

Rye resident Frederick Lees journeyed to Kuala Lumpur for the launch of his new book Fools Gold at the recent Kuala Lumpur International Literary Festival (July 29-August 1) Continue reading Fools Gold

Town Crier News and Gossip Pages

Baptist Church Vandalised

Rye Baptist Church lies no further that fifty paces from our Police Station, yet on a Sunday night at the end of June a great deal of mindless vandalism was done inside the Church. Six windows were broken and the contents of fire extinguishers were sprayed all over the place. Continue reading Town Crier News and Gossip Pages

Boat Builders of Rye Part 3


The Warship Revival

Photographs from the collection of E.G. Pollington (nee Jempson)

“A Thirteenth Century traveller from inland, making his way through the gloom of the Sussex forests, might well have paused on the outskirts of Rye to listen to a strange sound, a rhythmic hammering, half-metallic, half wooden in its timbre, which floated out hour after hour on the southerly breeze. Continue reading Boat Builders of Rye Part 3

Rye Garden Safari

Rye Garden Safari did very well again this year thank you to Sandra Pawsey’s time and effort to put it on and to the five folks who kindly opened their gardens for the many visitors to view. Continue reading Rye Garden Safari

Rye Festival Of Music And The Arts

This year Rye Festival starts with a bang!

By Pat Field

The first music on offer is the Ukulele Band of Great Britain. You may never think about music in the same way once you’ve been exposed to the Ukes’, depraved musicology, from Charlie Parker, to the Sex Pistols through J.S. Bach. Continue reading Rye Festival Of Music And The Arts


By Frank Palmer The token pictured on this page is a 1652 issue by William Keye. It is about the size of a farthing and was produced at the Tower Mint,London.

In the 1640s and 50s William Keye (or Key) was the owner and master of a ship the providence of Rye. He had been made a freeman, in 1624, and was a contractor to the government taking quantities of great shot from the iron furnaces in Sussex through Rye to the Tower of London at £13-10s per ton also supplying the navy and forts with cables, anchors and shot also Sussex corn for the navy, and bringing back black powder for the Rye Garrison. Continue reading RYE TOKENS


Rye Harbour District Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution

By Anthony Kimber

The Royal National Lifeboat Institute has provided the lifeboat service for some 175 years. It has always been a voluntary service funded entirely by public subscription and collection. Continue reading Lifeboats