Town Crier July 2006

Rye Town Council Did Their Best

There has been criticism of Rye Town Council over the recent chaos caused by the resurfacing work at South Undercliff. I must spring to the defence of the council and lay the blame where it belongs, on the doorstep of East Sussex County Council and the Highway Agency.

The Rye Town Manager was designated, through Rye Partnership, to co-ordinate the closure arrangements. Keen and efficient as Yolanda Laybourne is she did not have the local knowledge to carry out this task, it should have been the elected Rye Town Council made responsible for the job, not the non-elected Partnership. Continue reading Town Crier July 2006

News – Views and Letters July 2006


Rye High Street is back to normal again after the upsets of June. Some have applied for compensation from the Highways Agency for loss of revenue during three weeks of mayhem when the whole town suffered from restricted access caused by the road closure between Skinners Roundabout and the Kettle of Fish Roundabout. Continue reading News – Views and Letters July 2006

Adventures in Rye

It is five years since Winnie Hollands passed on but her memory remains, reinforced with the words she wrote in her ADVENTURES IN RYE series published in “Rye’s Own”. Some brave words written as she lived in the knowledge of her imminent death are reprinted here as a tribute to a woman who was liked and respected by all who knew her and dearly loved by her immediate and extended family. Continue reading Adventures in Rye

Rye Goes Rock


The very best local Rock Bands gave their services free of charge to help ARRC (Activities, Respite, Rehabilitation and Care) based at the Rye Memorial Care Centre for “Rye Goes Rock” at the Thomas Peacocke on Saturday 3 June. Continue reading Rye Goes Rock

Over the Sluice

By Arthur Woodgate

Some while ago, Jimper Sutton threw out a challenge as to whether anyone remembers his grandmother. As a fellow ‘sluicer’, of a certain period, of course I remember her and his father and Uncle Spencer, I once caught a glimpse of his grandfather but I will come back to the Sutton Family in due course. Jimperr’s challenge got me thinking of “Over the Sluice”. Continue reading Over the Sluice

Balmoral Leaves

A new venture from the Wharf at Rye Harbour proved to be an outstanding success. The Historic Passenger Ship Balmoral, loaded with hundreds of passengers from Rye and district, sailed on the morning tide of Thursday 8 June. Continue reading Balmoral Leaves

A Rye Childhood

By Noel C.A. Care

Boys & Girls

Although most of us had sisters, except at home, or if there was no other boy, we never played with girls. They were always useless at football and could not play cricket for toffee. They had no idea how to throw a ball properly, and were hopeless at flicking cigarette cards. Our games of tops, they said, were far too rough and they could only manage wooden hoops. In general, girls were no use at all. Continue reading A Rye Childhood

Indian Adventure Fund Raiser

St. John Coffee Morning Helps Fund Towards Indian Adventure – July 2006

Coffee Morning at the St. John Headquarters, Conduit Hill on Sat 3
Coffee Morning at the St. John Headquarters, Conduit Hill on Sat 3

The family of University Student Caroline Challans are helping her raise £1,000 to pay for her air, living and travel expenses on a charity trip to India. Caroline will Continue reading Indian Adventure Fund Raiser