Street Names of Rye

By Kenneth Clark

Reprinted from a 1967 Issue of Rye’s Own

“In 1859”, wrote H. P. Clarke in his “Guide and History of Rye”, printed in 1861, “the houses were numbered and the names of the street were foolishly altered; as events in history often give names to streets. Continue reading Street Names of Rye

Letter From America

From our American correspondent Sylvia Hewitt

Now that the holidays are over with for another year, it is time to get back to a normal routine, what ever that may be… The gift giving to the Grandkids has got much easier, they are all older and all have such different interests we now just give them money and they can get or put it toward whatever they want, so for me it is definitely much simpler, and I like simple !!!!!!! Continue reading Letter From America

Rye Chamber of Commerce

I read with interest your Christmas issue of Rye’s Own and was particularly interested in the article on the Rye Trades Exhibition 1959. This is something I had never heard of and I doubt any of the current members would have either. I will indeed bring it up at the next executive meeting in January and see if anyone has any thoughts on the subject. Continue reading Rye Chamber of Commerce

Telling of the adventures of Ryers Rona & Geoff Sheridan

Another Letter from Bedfordshire

After we moved to Kings Avenue, life for our family improved a great deal, especially for our Mother, no more to light on Mondays. no more tin bath, and a toilet across the yard. War soon arrived and we all suffered a harrowing time in Rye, I remember going down to the Mint to fetch our gas-masks. I should think the boxes became the start of graffiti – the things we wrote on them! We didn’t go to school for many weeks, many having gone to Bedford. Continue reading Telling of the adventures of Ryers Rona & Geoff Sheridan