Amber at Rye Festival of the Sea

Home Secretary Takes a Break from the Action and Relaxes at Rye’s Festival of the Seas

By Jim Hollands

The thousands that attended Rye on Saturday 22 July to enjoy the excitement of the Raft Race and enjoy the music, stalls and entertainment at the Strand were delighted to see Rye & Hastings Member of Parliament, Amber Rudd The Home Secretary,  in attendance and presenting the prizes.


Amber with Skinners Raft Race Winners

The Home Secretary obviously enjoyed her outing to Rye and spoke excitedly about the Raft Race when presenting the winning team, Skinners of Rye, with the trophy.

Amber is very popular in both Rye & Hastings, a fact I have noticed since I first met her in Hastings just after she had become the prospective Conservative candidate to fight the Rye & Hastings Constituency.  The number of people she knows by name in both towns is amazing and her ability to keep in touch with what is going on in the constituency, in spite of her enormous national work load, underlines her dedication .

Rye Hastings MP Amber Rudd

As Home Secretary, Amber has responsibilities for the internal affairs of England & Wales,  for immigration and citizenship for the United Kingdom, policing in England & Wales. Our MP is also deeply involved with matters of national security, as  MI5, is directly accountable to the Home Secretary.

Despite all this weight and responsibility on her shoulders, Amber Rudd is still a highly active constituency MP.



Scallop Festival


In 1975 there was a great shortage of fish during the early months in the inshore waters that the Rye Fishing Fleet harvested. The situation for fisherman became quite desperate as the over 20 boat strong fleet netted fewer and fewer fish. Continue reading Scallop Festival

Winchelsea Man Charged with Robbing Sunken Warship

Two charged with robbing sunken warship in English Channel




Two men have been charged in connection with the alleged removal of items from a sunken Royal Navy warship in the English Channel.

HMS Hermes was a protected cruiser built in the late 19th century and converted into an aircraft ferry and depot ship ready for the outbreak of the First World War.

It was sunk by a German submarine in the Dover Strait in October 1914 with the loss of 44 lives.

Officers from Kent Police’s Rural Task Force launched an investigation in August 2015 after being informed that a number of historical artefacts had been reported missing from the wreck.

John Blight, 57, of Old River Way in Winchelsea, East Sussex, has now been charged with three counts of dishonestly failing to disclose items of wreck to the Receiver of Wreck with intent to make a gain.

Nigel Ingram, 56, of London Road, Teynham, has been charged with the same three counts in addition to being in possession of £16,000 worth of criminal property.

Both men have been bailed to appear before Margate magistrates on Thursday 2 March 2017.

The investigation into the alleged offences was carried out in partnership with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Marine Management Organisation, the Receiver of Wreck, Sussex Police, Historic England and the French authorities.

Continue reading Winchelsea Man Charged with Robbing Sunken Warship

Russians Off Rye Again

Russian Navel Presence in Channel Again

Remember the picture of the Russian Navy sailing past Rye? It seems there were more Russian warships off our coast during the last few days.

The Russian Frigate  Yaroslav Mudry  was shadowed by the Royal Navy through the International waters, just outside British Territorial waters, at a time of diplomatic tensions between Moscow and London.

The Frigate was sighted by HMS Sutherland as she sailed into the English Channel and monitored as she proceeded through. The Russian Frigate utilises stealth technology equipment.

The Yaroslav Mudry was recently reportedoperating in the Mediterranean Sea

We reported the passing of the Russian Fleet through the Channel in October

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Major Shipping Incident Near Dover

Large ship is taking on water

650 foot Cargo vessel sailing under a Hong Kong flag loses engine power near Sanfire Hoe off Dover. She dragged her anchor  and collided with barge full of rocks (used for coastal defences). Coastguard reports the ship was holed and is taking water faster than her pumps can pump it out.

Dover and Dungeness Lifeboats have been launched and are standing by. Some of the crew have already been evacuated by helicopter. (11 reported to be airlifted off)

A powerful tug is racing to the scene from Boulogne and plans to tow the stricken vessel to safety

Ship involved appears to be the Saga Sky. A message from her at 10.19am says she is now under her own power speed 1.2 knotts. Lifeboats standing by. (Thanks to Jamie Hayden who worked out which ship it appears to be)

Latest position approx. 1.5 miles off Capel Le Ferne.

The French Tug  ABEILLE LANGUEDOC should be on the scene by 12 noon.

Anyone with pictures please post them on our Ryes Own Newsfeed page on facebook

Last Update … 21 November – Jamie Hayden tells us that the Saga Sky is now safely in port at Dunkirk

Rye’s Own Bulletin Sunday 20 November 2016

Russian Navy Sails Past Rye

Russian Naval Force Passes Close to Rye

Huy Garris sent in this picture of the Russian Navy vessels sailing past Rye on their way to Syria via the English Channel.

The Russian fleet, including the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear-powered Pyotr Velikiy battle cruiser,  will cross the Bay of Biscay and enter the Mediterranean at Gibraltar.

The warships could assist in the bombardment of Aleppo  although Russia Continue reading Russian Navy Sails Past Rye

Fish Supper for RNLI

RNLI Fish Supper on Sunday 16th October

After the tragic events which occurred off Camber this recent summer, The Gallivant will be hosting a delicious Fish Supper on Sunday 16th October from 6pm, in support of this country’s extraordinary public services, the RNLI, who are dedicated to saving lives at sea around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.
All proceeds from the Fish Supper will be donated directly to the RNLI, allowing not only The Gallivant but also friends, past guests and locals to show their support and appreciation for what the RNLI do 365 days of the year. Continue reading Fish Supper for RNLI

The Building of Simmons Quay

Simmons Quay – Has Been Open for Ten Years

The new Quay at the Fishmarket in Rye has been in use now for 10 Years. It has proved to be a safe and workable arrangement that transformed the old fishing boat base from the most dangerous berth in the UK to the second safest fishing boat tie up in the country.

Ronnie Simmons
Ron Simmons


It was due to the effort, determination and tenacity of one man that this project Continue reading The Building of Simmons Quay