Ten Year Anniversary of Simmons Quay

The BBQ was arranged by Ronnie Simmons and Harbour Master James Bateman


The BBQ was arranged by Ronnie Simmons and Harbour Master James Bateman, The Simmons family and guests enjoyed a great afternoon. Ronnie thanks for the help of Tush Hamalton  and his wife Pat who supplied the fish rolls free of charge Chapmans Fish and Jenco who contributed to the alcohol
The Barbecue at Simmons Quay celebrated ten years of activity at the home of the Rye Fishing Fleet.




Ronnie Simmons Barbecue
Ronnie Simmons Barbecue

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Machine Gun Seized in Hastings

Man sentenced to 11 years after police seize machine gun in Hastings

A man has been sentenced to 11 years imprisonment after admitting possessing a fully-automatic TEC 9mm machine pistol along with ammunition in Hastings.

Anthony Hearn
Anthony Hearn


Anthony Hearn, 43, of no fixed address, was sentenced when he appeared in custody at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday (19 July), having admitted possessing a Continue reading Machine Gun Seized in Hastings

Jimper Classics – Number One

Doomed from the Start

Someone had an idea for a documentary to be shown on the television.  The plan was for a typical English family of five to take a holiday at the seaside and do whatever they wished.  To start with that was not to the scriptwriter’s fancy.  He or she had other plans; they had to do something and keep to a schedule.

Jimper Sutton
Jimper Sutton

So the plot was hatched.  The location was to be Blackpool in midsummer and the family was to come from Manchester.  The producer sent someone out to view the location and rent a chalet on the seashore with the promise that it opened straight onto the sands.  Alas the person came back with the news that such a place was nowhere to be found and more to the point would be very expensive at the peak of the holiday season and any rent-able property had been booked months before.  Continue reading Jimper Classics – Number One

Teenage Girl Reported Assaulted & Robbed in Hastings

Did you see teenage girl assaulted and robbed in Hastings?

Police 2

Witnesses are being sought following a reported robbery and assault on a 15-year-old girl in Hastings on Sunday 24 July.

The victim was walking along Chiltern Drive at around 7.30pm when a man approached her from behind and grabbed her rusksack. He opened it and took out £25 cash and a smartphone before pushing her to the ground and running off.

The suspect is described as white, between 30-35-years of age, of medium build with short black hair. He was wearing a grey hooded top and dark trousers. Continue reading Teenage Girl Reported Assaulted & Robbed in Hastings

Read About the New Aldington Memorial in Cinque Ports

At Last – Aldington Gets a Memorial


Cinque Ports magazine is packed with stories, events and nostalgia from the Cinque Ports and adjoining areas. The latest issue features the Opening of the fine new War Memorial at Aldington, telling the story of how it came about and recording the event with many pictures.

Cinque Ports August Cover
Cinque Ports August Cover

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Wheelers Trip to France 2016

Cross Channel Jaunt

Ten of the more senior members of Rye & District Wheelers ( average age 70 )  made a trip across the Channel from Dover on Tuesday 26 July 2016 and rode a circular route from Calais via Gravelines, Audruicq, Ardres and back along the Canal Road to Calais.

Wheelers in France 2016
Wheelers in France 2016

A 50 mile run, interspersed with stops for refreshments at regular intervals to sample the cuisine and hospitality of the area. Continue reading Wheelers Trip to France 2016

Last Day of 2016 War & Peace Revival Today (Saturday)

A few Pictures from Yesterday’s Entertainment

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Saturday 23 July 2016

Twin Swing are a Sensation on Day Three

In the “Victory Marquee” at War & Peace Revival

So here they are, Twin Swing, the identical Twin Sisters, inspired by the infamous Dolly Sisters of the 1920s. They are helping to bring back the great era of ‘swing’ made famous in the Roaring Twenties. The twins are hoping to help make swing as popular in  2020 as it was 100 years before.

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