Dunkirk at Rye

One of the Best War Films Ever Made

One of the best and most realistic war films ever made was created in and around Rye. ‘Dunkirk’, made in 1957, recorded the epic evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from the open beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. Rye was chosen for the film’s location because the beaches and area around the real Dunkirk had become too populated in the seventeen year period that had elapsed since that time.

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Fund Raiser Kevin

Rye Auctioneer is Tireless Charity Fund Raiser

Auctioneer Kevin Hall, well known at Rye Auction Galleries, has been active again this year at Charity Auction of Promises raising thousands of pounds selling anything from two nights at one of Rye’s best known hotels to a snazzy tie donated by a local shop. Continue reading Fund Raiser Kevin

Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance

Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance launches the first 24hour helicopter service in the country.

This major phase in our support for 24 hour operations was officially launched yesterday (Wednesday 18th December) at Redhill Aerodrome in the presence of the media and many distinguished guests, including High Sheriffs, Lords & Deputy Lords Lieutenant of the SE counties and Chairmen of the County Councils of Kent, Surrey and East Sussex. Continue reading Kent Sussex Surrey Air Ambulance

Lions are Still Assisting Haiti

There has been some criticism recently about promises of aid made by NGOs at this time last year to assist Haiti, which do not seem to be being met. Whilst this could be true in some instances, this accusation can not be made about the assistance the Lions are still giving to Haiti. Within days of the devastating earthquake, many Lion Clubs sent immediate contributions. Continue reading Lions are Still Assisting Haiti

Two Travellers, two Rucksacks and a Ferry to Paradise…

By Anneka Bones

For the first time in over seven months of backpacking, we were the only people I could see who had rucksacks. We were, finally, breaking new travelling ground and wow, were we loving it! Continue reading Two Travellers, two Rucksacks and a Ferry to Paradise…

United’s Wembley Dream

United’s Wembley Dream Lives On

By Jim Hollands

My dad laughed as we came away from the Pilot Field in 1948 after
watching a Rye United team including Bill ‘Blower’ Pierce and ‘Pickles’
Igglesden carry off the Hastings Charity Cup and I asked him if Rye
would ever play in a Wembley final? Continue reading United’s Wembley Dream

More Explosive People

Part 4 – By Arthur Woodgate

I said, in part four, that I would explain why I preferred the Jarretts to the other Rye net makers at that time so here we go. When I walked down The Mint towards Strand, Mr G Jarrett used to call me in his shop and he and his wife had a friendly chat. Continue reading More Explosive People