Mason Road is Flooded Again

No Warning Posted by Environment at this Time

The holding tanks that are supposed to take flood water from Mason Road are obviously full again as the approach road to Tilling Green is under 6″ of water (10am. Wednesday 9 November.)

No flood warnings are in force for the Tillingham or Rother at the present time despite the heavy rainfall so it appears there is no danger of properties being flooded. Continue reading Mason Road is Flooded Again

Going Home to Rye


By Beryl Dale

I went down to Rye with my daughter to discover more about the exceptional circumstances which had led to my parents’ house being flooded in November 1960.

I had been living in London at the time and had just completed the preliminary exams which took place half way through my Physiotherapy training. I was desperate to go home to unwind and relax. On the morning of that day I woke with a start to the strident ringing of the telephone. I had glanced at my watch as I stumbled out of bed 6.30am! My brain froze – who would be ringing at that hour Continue reading Going Home to Rye

The Flooding Situation

From Rye’s Own April 2010

By Jim Hollands

The water has gone but the message is clear, serious flooding in Rye is not a probability any more, it’s almost a certainty. Continue reading The Flooding Situation

The Flooding Debate – March 2008

Environment Will Ease The Way For Planning

“Rye’s Own” has learned that the Environment Agency is prepared to lift objections they had regarding flood worries over the building of 135 dwellings to the north of Udimore Road if suitable conditions can be imposed on any planning permission granted in relation to the site.

We can reveal that these conditions will include installing water delaying valves, known as Hydrobrakes, in the drainage system, two water basins, (lakes or tanks), along with ‘swales’ (earth banks) that will hold the water back. Continue reading The Flooding Debate – March 2008

Building North of Udimore Road 0ne Step Closer

From the December 2006 Issue of “Rye’s Own”
By Jim Hollands

Consultations are to commence on the proposal to build on the north side of Udimore Road.

“Rye’s Own” has learned that the Arun Corporation, who own the land, have commissioned an agent of ‘Green Issues Communications’ to first contact the local district, county, town and parish councillors in the area to ascertain their views to the plans proposed which he wishes to discuss with them, Continue reading Building North of Udimore Road 0ne Step Closer