Rye in Edwardian Times


By Ken Clark

Pauperism in Rye remained an unresolved social problem at the opening of the twentieth century. Social reform is this country was confined to filling the most glaring gaps in the existing social system. The bed-rock of social provision was to be found in the Poor Law, first enacted in the time of the Tudors, and re-enacted in 1834. Administered locally by Boards of Guardians and financed from the local rates, the Poor Law provided a minimum subsistence under conditions which were deliberately designed to deter all but the utterly desperate from applying for it. It is little wonder, therefore, that the poor feared the day when, through ill health, misfortune or old age, they would no longer be able to earn their living for, unless they had been extremely thrifty or possessed children who were in a position to help, the workhouse was the only place for them. Continue reading Rye in Edwardian Times

Hop Picking with Arthur Woodgate

 by Arthur Woodgate

I have always argued that the villages of the old Rye union of parishes were once part of the Borough of Rye. When I visited the Peasmarsh Spar shop one fine morning at the beginning of September and said it was lovely ‘hopping’ weather, no one seemed to know what I was talking about I thought I had better write something about it and describe how the area was all as one during hop picking, whilst I still can, so that history does not loose it.

It must have been in 1920 or maybe a couple of years earlier when I was initiated into the seasonal ritual of hop picking. Records seem to think I was in the hop Continue reading Hop Picking with Arthur Woodgate

Building North of Udimore Road 0ne Step Closer

From the December 2006 Issue of “Rye’s Own”
By Jim Hollands

Consultations are to commence on the proposal to build on the north side of Udimore Road.

“Rye’s Own” has learned that the Arun Corporation, who own the land, have commissioned an agent of ‘Green Issues Communications’ to first contact the local district, county, town and parish councillors in the area to ascertain their views to the plans proposed which he wishes to discuss with them, Continue reading Building North of Udimore Road 0ne Step Closer

Jimpers Jottings – December 2006

Jimper’s Jottings


We spent a lot of time fishing in the dykes and ditches in my younger years. The other year I bad beard enough from my son: he “could not go fishing with his mate unless I drove three miles to the tackle shop and got him a pint of maggots.” I explained to him and his friend John, that we never used maggots, so it became a matter of pride that I took the two lads up on a challenge

Armed with their rods, reels, floats and modern hooks, valued at around £40.00, and one pint of pink and one of white maggots they set out with me for the big Continue reading Jimpers Jottings – December 2006

Rye’s Own Editorial – December 2006

Editorial December 2006

Christmas is upon us again. The old saying that time goes faster as you get older seems to be right. In the uncertain world we live in it sometimes seems a blessing to be getting old. A wise old Ryer once said, as far back as 1965, that he had lived the best years but the 40 years since then have not been so bad. What lies ahead for the youngsters of today? War and Global Warming or Harmony between nations and a common will to overcome the obstacles that will be encountered over the next 40 years? “Rye’s Own” takes the optimistic view, there must be a Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial – December 2006