Smeaton’s Harbour

By Peter Etherden

The Tale of Smeaton’s Harbour is an everyday story of country gentry and their shenanigans. It is set in the town of Rye between May 1724 and October 1787…and it is a true story. The chronicler of these events is John Meryon, writing in some dismay as he unearthed the story upon his return to Rye in 1841 after a twenty-year tour of duty in Australia. Continue reading Smeaton’s Harbour

60 Years On

VE Celebrations are Remembered The heroes of the Second World War donned their medals and paraded through the streets of Rye to mark the sixtieth year since Victory was declared in Europe. Continue reading 60 Years On

Bus Operators of Rye & District

By Roland Jempson.

The article in the January issue of “Rye’s Own” telling of Rye in the 1930’s has inspired me to write about the Bus Services and their operators in and around the town from the 1920’s. Continue reading Bus Operators of Rye & District

Doctor’s Orders

Packed Community Centre Told It Must Obey Doctor’s Orders

      Councillor Carey Challenges Councillor Glazier

    Councillor Dyce Says Consultation Process is Flawed

At a lively meeting, expertly and patiently chaired by Councillor Ian Potter Mayor of Rye a packed crowd were told by Rye County Councillor Keith Glazier that it was the Doctors of the Postern Gate Surgery that were insisting that their new premises should be built on the out of town Greenfield Site next to the Care Centre on the top of Rye Hill. Continue reading Doctor’s Orders

The “Sprocket” Page

Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

May has been another great month for the Rye & District Wheelers. There were no less than ten Rye riders entered for the first Tenterden “10”, this despite losing ever present Kevin Hall to an ankle operation that will put him out of action for several races. Barry Goodsell produced the fastest ride of the evening, beating riders from Tenterden, Ashford and Hastings. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

Jimper’s Jottings

May gone already, we are now just three weeks short of the longest day. From the 21st. we know that the days get shorter and winter approaches. The good news is that it get warmer as we get past mid June. My father always said, get my birthday over and let the warmer weather in. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Wheelers Fun Day

The Rye & District Wheelers Fun Day held on the Strand Quay on Saturday 28 May featured a marathon ride on rollers the equivalent distance of Rye to Land’s End. The 357 mile journey was completed by 4.30pm, three and a half hours inside the time allowed for the effort. Continue reading Wheelers Fun Day