Antique or just old?

By Arthur Woodgate

Writing about outside of Rye’s defence wall, it came to me that some of the property inside was not as antique as we might think. Yes there are footings all over where we can see buildings. Continue reading Antique or just old?

What Has Changed Since August 2005?


By Jim Hollands

Looking Back

(Written in 2012)

Looking back seven years to the August 2005 issue of “Rye’s Own” I came across the following piece I wrote at that time which contained predictions of what could happen to Rye during the following eight years. I was interested to know how accurate I had been with just one year of the eight left to run.  Continue reading What Has Changed Since August 2005?

The Clarence Hotel Silverhill


By John Hodges

The first reference to the name Silver Hill, it was spelt as two words until about 1865, occurs in 1783 when High Ridge Farm changed its name to that of Silver Hill Farm. The name next occurs in 1813 when the name of Silver Hill Mill first appears on the ordnance survey map, but little more is heard of this mill until 1838 when John Harmer brought to the site one of the mills that had stood on the West Hill. Despite a series of catastrophes and subsequent reconstructions this old mill struggled on until 1966 when the crumbling structure was finally Continue reading The Clarence Hotel Silverhill

Battle Scarecrow Festival

By Tony May

As regular readers will already know, I am a big fan of the town of Battle. Olde Worlde, surrounded by beautiful countryside and steeped in the history of England it’s a place I always feel right at home! Consider also my love for the 70’s children’s television programme, Worzel Gummidge and in the Battle Annual Scarecrow Festival you have an event made in heaven for me. Continue reading Battle Scarecrow Festival

Rye Arts Festival Opens New Doors


During a packed programme of events between 15th and 30th September, the 41st annual Rye Arts Festival is excited to be using three new venues in Rye this year – Tilling Green Community Centre; the Fletcher Centre in Lion Street; and St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church in Watchbell Street. Continue reading Rye Arts Festival Opens New Doors

Hot Maritime Festival in 2012

Fun in the Sun at the Strand

Rye Maritime Festival took place on the Strand Quay on one of the hottest days of the summer. The event, an annual celebration of Rye’s Maritime history, had record crowds to one of Rye’s numerous FREE colourful events Lots of fun for all the family with stands and stalls, demonstrations and displays. Continue reading Hot Maritime Festival in 2012