Pen & Ink October 2001

To The Editor

In your July Edition on page 16/17 there is a group picture in which you identify Mr. J. H. Gasson.

I believe the picture was taken in 1922 and represents a charabang outing by the Globe Inn Darts Club. The man in the middle of the row, 7th from the left was James Morfey, a farmer from Iden who died in 1981. Sorry I can’t help you with the others.

Congratulations on your excellent little magazine

R. C. Regendanz Iden Continue reading Pen & Ink October 2001

Town Crier October 2001

Connie’s Great Cover Picture

What a great cover picture Rye artist Connie Lindqvist has provided for the October cover. Continue reading Town Crier October 2001

The Old Billy

The Royal William ¬†–¬†Camber

By Clifford Jordan

From October 2001 “Rye’s Own”

A late nineteenth century postcard of the original Old Billy Pub situated at Camber opposite the Golf Club House which was weather boarded with a stove pipe chimney on the left and destroyed by fire in 1893 Continue reading The Old Billy

The Man From the Pru

I grew up knowing Archibald Trill as The Man From The Pru. When I met him recently at his Marley Road address and learned he was 95 I was more than surprised, he looked almost exactly as I remembered him way back in the sixties. Continue reading The Man From the Pru