Memories of the Central Garage

Memories of the Central Garage by Gwynneth Harper

I noticed with interest the plans for a new library on the old Central Garage site.It seems that we shall soon see a new library rising from the space in Cinque Ports Street of the demolishing of what remained of the old Central Garage.I have a particular interest in this venture I do hope I shall last out to see it opened. I was born in the flat above the Garage in 1926, 77 years ago, and lived there until 1938 when we moved to Iden. My father Donald Hughes was the foreman at Central Garage hence our occupation of the flat.

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St. John Work on to Raise Cash for New Ambulance

Perhaps it was the skeleton that put off the early trade at the Coffee morning, cake and bric a brac sale, organised by the Rye St. John Ambulance members but it did not put off young Kayleigh Ashcroft who held the skeleton’s hand to pose for the photograph along with sisters Emily and Lydia Turk. Continue reading St. John Work on to Raise Cash for New Ambulance

Cards of the Cinque Ports

Cigarette Cards from the Frank Palmer Collection

Cinque Ports Flag

A silk from the Kensitas British Empire Series showing the flag of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Continue reading Cards of the Cinque Ports

The “Sprocket” Page

News and adventures of Rye Er District Wheelers Past and Present

Championship “25”

The Club Championship 25 Mile Time Trial took place in corporation with the V.T.T.A event based on Brookland on Sunday 7 September. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

Hit And Run Raids

The Royal Navy in Rye

1942 I am unable to separate the events that took place when the Admiralty decided to improve Rye Harbour and make it fit to contribute to the course of the war. Continue reading Hit And Run Raids

Ryesingers Report

How Lovely are Thy Dwellings Rehearsals are in full swing for our next big concert celebrating the 900th. anniversary of St. Marys Church in Rye. We are delighted to be able to join in the celebrations by performing a very varied programme of music dedicated to the theme of “How Lovely are Thy Dwellings”. Continue reading Ryesingers Report