Living On The Marsh

By Jimper


Living as I did, and still do on the marsh, one could not go further than two hundred yards without coming into contact with it. Water was all around one; the sea to the south and the River Brede to the north being the two largest obstacles to keep we kids in our area. The whole marsh is fence-less with only the odd gatepost to hinder your view to the hills of the west. The east had massive shingle banks that have in the last forty years been extracted to leave large lakes further east. The River Rother flows to the sea via Rye where my River Brede joins to swell its flow. Continue reading Living On The Marsh

Summer Holidays at Winchelsea Beach


Barry Floyd

Like many families in London after World War I — and with a gradual return to a more normal way of life — my newly-married parents (father had served with the Royal Electrical Engineers in France from 1915 to 1919) began looking from their semi-detached Edwardian home in Palmers Green (North London) at favourable seaside spots where a brief summer holiday might be undertaken. Continue reading Summer Holidays at Winchelsea Beach

Royal Military Canal by Canoe

 The Epic Journey

By Jimper Sutton

I was only sixteen but bent on making my own history. My mate Chris had seen a documentary on the telly the night before of a couple that had travelled down the Amazon in a life raft. Continue reading Royal Military Canal by Canoe

The Last of the Prewar Drivers

The Last of the Prewar Drivers

By A. J. Leadbetter

I joined East Kent as a driver in 1937 and am now the last of the prewar drivers to survive. I was with East Kent until my retirement in 1977.

I remember back to the 1920’s when Timpsons were running charabangs in Hastings. They then uprooted and moved to Catford. Maidstone & District were running Tilling Stevens Petrol Electric double deckers in the late twenties. Continue reading The Last of the Prewar Drivers

Rye Barwatch

Problem Drinkers to be Barred From Rye Pubs & Hotels

Barwatch, a scheme to prevent alcohol related public disorder came into existence in Rye on Tuesday 22 June. From this date 21 Hotels and Public Houses in Rye and the immediate district have banded together to keep trouble makers out of their premises. Continue reading Rye Barwatch

Hit And Run Raids

The Royal Navy in Rye

1942 I am unable to separate the events that took place when the Admiralty decided to improve Rye Harbour and make it fit to contribute to the course of the war. Continue reading Hit And Run Raids