Your Men at the Town Hall

From “Rye’s Own” April 2001 issue.

Councillor Alan Dickinson was first elected to Rye Town Council in

1991. A local boy who attended the Thomas Peacocke he works in his
own right as a building surveyor. Continue reading Your Men at the Town Hall

Local Heroes

– an occasional series by William Shepherd

No. 1. Alfred Horner

I chanced across Richard Horner in Jempsons the other day as I was reading my copy of the March edition of ‘Rye’s Own’ and we got to chatting about this and that. In passing I remarked that there was plenty of mention of the Horner name Continue reading Local Heroes

Adventures in Rye April 2001


by Winnie Hollands

Reading the letter from John and Mary in last month’s Pen & Ink column, I couldn’t agree with them more.

The old Ferry Road School would make a lovely sport and gym centre where mums and dads and children could go. There could be a cycle path through the site from Ferry Road to The Grove and footpaths, children’s play areas, running circuit for joggers and athletes young and old alike, a football training area, roller blade area etc. I can hear you all shouting “What about the money?” Well what Continue reading Adventures in Rye April 2001

Jimper’s Jottings April 2001

The Weather has Taken it’s Toll of Trees

This wet and windy Winter has taken its toll on the woods around Southern England. The floors of every copse are carpeted in dead wood. Soon this old wood will become infested with fungi, insects and lichen. Over time they will turn all the dead wood into humus for future plants and trees. The decaying wood becomes home for all the insects and upon them the birds will feast the whole year round. The wood being snapped off from the trees has the same effect as the gardener pruning his roses it gives the trees more vigour to grow and in the place of the old bough that fell it is not surprising to find two or more sprouting out. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings April 2001