Have the Pennies Become Outdated?

Hot new pennies are cast down on the heads of eager youngsters waiting on the street below. They pounce and rake up a few coppers for sweets and other small delights in a melee’ of arms and legs.

It is a tradition that goes back to times when there was no social security and all the charity on offer came from well off benefactors in the town. It was a time when charity really did begin at home. Continue reading Have the Pennies Become Outdated?

Bonfire Charity Auction

An Auction of Promises held at the Mermaid on Thursday 2 May attracted a good crowd, and spured on by Auctioneer Jim Hollands, assisted most abely by ‘porter’ Paul Carey, deep pockets were ‘picked’. Continue reading Bonfire Charity Auction

Building In The Villages

By Arthur Woodgate

Blue Cross at Northiam

At the Blue Cross Animal Centre, Northiam two old building had to be joined together for the animals to go in. In one corner, where they were to be joined up there was a great big witch hazel tree. Continue reading Building In The Villages