John Ryan

John Ryan is with us no longer. Rye’s hero cartoonist, who created the famous Captain Pugwash and many other children’s cartoons has died aged eighty-eight. Continue reading John Ryan

Bonfire Charity Auction

An Auction of Promises held at the Mermaid on Thursday 2 May attracted a good crowd, and spured on by Auctioneer Jim Hollands, assisted most abely by ‘porter’ Paul Carey, deep pockets were ‘picked’. Continue reading Bonfire Charity Auction

Rye Bonfire

Rye Bonfire Society have had their ups and downs over the years. This feature looks at the good and bad times, successes and failures since the War. Continue reading Rye Bonfire

Town Crier

2005 is an historic year for our small country which has had such a big influence on developing the world in which we live.

This year Rye will recall with pride the terrific efforts of our fighting men of the past who have ensured that the voice of England and Britain had the power to command our own destiny. Continue reading Town Crier

Bonfire Society Auction 2004

Over £2,000 Raised

A night of laughter, hectic bidding and plenty of banter resulted in over £2,000 going into the Bonfire Societies coffers. Continue reading Bonfire Society Auction 2004

Town Crier April 2004

Library Plan “Unimaginative and Badly Designed”

March opened with a furore centred on the proposed new building for Rye Library. Councillor Sam Souster firing shot after shot in defence of the revised plan for the building, and telling the objecting Rye Councillors that time was running out if the grant for the site was to be obtained.

The objections of the “Friends of Rye Library” group on the grounds that the Continue reading Town Crier April 2004