Brexit and Rye

Let’s be men – Let’s be Ryers

Ryers by birth or by choice are all Ryers if they love this old town and what it stands for.

By Jim Hollands

Our ancestors stood together for independance 200 years ago

Over Two hundred years ago, direct relatives of myself, Bill Waters, Alec Tiltman, Jimper Sutton, Bernard Clark, Terry Curd and many other well known Ryers became part of the Rye Company of Sea Fencibles that drilled in the Gun Garden and waited to take on Napoleon Bonaparte, who stood with his armies on the French Coast. Bonaparte did not arrive, he decided to go to Russia instead.

Men of Rye 1894
Men of Rye 1894

His Navy was defeated at Trafalgar in 1805 and the Duke of Wellington, later to become MP for Rye, defeated him at Waterloo, putting an end to his war against Continue reading Brexit and Rye

Bexhill man charged with grooming a young girl for sex


Police 2

Bruce Child, 63, a caretaker, of Jameson Road, Bexhill, appeared at Brighton Magistrates Court on Tuesday 23 November and was committed for trial, charged with on-line grooming of a 12-year old girl who he then allegedly sought to meet Continue reading Bexhill man charged with grooming a young girl for sex

Mass Demonstration Against Shepway District Council.

“Locals are sick and tired of David Monk and his cronies at Shepway”

Local residents from all over Shepway are gearing up for the Mass Demonstration set to hit the town of Folkestone at one of the busiest times of the year.

A recent protest at Hythe
A recent protest at Hythe


An alliance of various groups are coming together to protest against the shoddy way they are being treated by Shepway District Council in riding roughshod over the wishes of the people. This is set to be one of the biggest demo’s in Shepway. Continue reading Mass Demonstration Against Shepway District Council.

Major Shipping Incident Near Dover

Large ship is taking on water

650 foot Cargo vessel sailing under a Hong Kong flag loses engine power near Sanfire Hoe off Dover. She dragged her anchor  and collided with barge full of rocks (used for coastal defences). Coastguard reports the ship was holed and is taking water faster than her pumps can pump it out.

Dover and Dungeness Lifeboats have been launched and are standing by. Some of the crew have already been evacuated by helicopter. (11 reported to be airlifted off)

A powerful tug is racing to the scene from Boulogne and plans to tow the stricken vessel to safety

Ship involved appears to be the Saga Sky. A message from her at 10.19am says she is now under her own power speed 1.2 knotts. Lifeboats standing by. (Thanks to Jamie Hayden who worked out which ship it appears to be)

Latest position approx. 1.5 miles off Capel Le Ferne.

The French Tug  ABEILLE LANGUEDOC should be on the scene by 12 noon.

Anyone with pictures please post them on our Ryes Own Newsfeed page on facebook

Last Update … 21 November – Jamie Hayden tells us that the Saga Sky is now safely in port at Dunkirk

Rye’s Own Bulletin Sunday 20 November 2016

Obstacles Litter Brenzett – New Romney Road

Take Care Out There

Reports are coming in of obstacles and branches littering the road from Brenzett to New Romney. Several cars with buckled wheels due to hitting large branches etc. blown onto the road by the storm.

There is a lot of standing water on many roads in the area

Power cuts reported in Ivychurch and Dengemarsh

Beatrice Cloake from Hythe area reports : Today Angus is battering the coast. We have had little sleep.
Plenty of bangs during the night. I wonder which kind of damages there will be!!! Hope my friends are alright!

Wind gust of 97mph reported in English Channel

Vince Winter reports:    Been a very rough night in Hornstreet Village. Currently the road is shut to traffic due to power lines down.
In Hornstreet power and phone come off poles on the roadside.
Police blocking the road at the moment. Happy to say we still have electrics to make a good cup of tea…
Keep safe peeps

70mph in  Kent

10k run in Brighton cancelled

Many transport delays on railway

Continue reading Obstacles Litter Brenzett – New Romney Road

Zartan and 15 Yen

Look for famous Ryers in this film

There are several old Rye personalities in this little film made by the Rye Movie Society in 1967.

Police Sargent Roy Parrock , Mr. Tookey the Grammar School Teacher,  David Smeed, George Grey, Joan Munn, Pauline Morris and Maureen Matthews. Continue reading Zartan and 15 Yen