Rye Characters of the 1960s

All the best people live in Rye

Some of the great Rye Characters from the 1960s – Some still with us – others gone but never forgotten.

Football teams, scouts, Cyclists, mayoring money, banquet at The George.


Mayoring Day Rye 1968

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New Series for Rye’s Own News

Rye’s Own is packed full with Rye Characters every month. But to give a taste of the variety of characters and personalities hiding round every corner we are doing a regular ongoing feature in RYE OWN NEWS.

Look out Bernard’s about

Number One ………….. Bernard Clark

Bernard The Film Star
Bernard The Film Star

Bernard Stars in a film from the Rye’s Own Archive. It’s called ‘Bernard’s Nightmare’ but the fact is, the nightmare is for those who watch. Continue reading FAMOUS LIVING CHARACTERS OF RYE

Brexit and Rye

Let’s be men – Let’s be Ryers

Ryers by birth or by choice are all Ryers if they love this old town and what it stands for.

By Jim Hollands

Our ancestors stood together for independance 200 years ago

Over Two hundred years ago, direct relatives of myself, Bill Waters, Alec Tiltman, Jimper Sutton, Bernard Clark, Terry Curd and many other well known Ryers became part of the Rye Company of Sea Fencibles that drilled in the Gun Garden and waited to take on Napoleon Bonaparte, who stood with his armies on the French Coast. Bonaparte did not arrive, he decided to go to Russia instead.

Men of Rye 1894
Men of Rye 1894

His Navy was defeated at Trafalgar in 1805 and the Duke of Wellington, later to become MP for Rye, defeated him at Waterloo, putting an end to his war against Continue reading Brexit and Rye

Quotes From Newsfeeds Saturday 1 April 2016

Tony May

Thinking about Ronnie Corbett I think his legacy could teach a lot of people today a thing or two about how to live their lives. Ronnie was never one to take offence when someone made fun of his height, indeed he often would go as far as to instigate a joke at his own expense. How gloriously liberating it must have been Continue reading Quotes From Newsfeeds Saturday 1 April 2016

The Bargain Box Debate – Rother Must Explain Themselves

Customers Rally to Support Bargain Box.

A family who work all the hours God made to keep their business running and their customers happy, seemed to have been singled out by Rother District Council.

The worry and upset caused to John, Avril and David of Bargain Box over backdated claims for rates, relating to an air conditioning system that has been operating in the shop for years, have put their backs so far against the wall that they are almost ready to ‘throw in the towel’ and have put a Closing Down sign in their window. Continue reading The Bargain Box Debate – Rother Must Explain Themselves

Bernard’s Nightmare

A film made one summer afternoon. Do not waste your time watching this film unless ;-

A. You are very bored

B. You want to see Bernard getting more exercise in one afternoon than he gets in a year now


C. You are a very good pianist and love Charlie Chaplin films. Continue reading Bernard’s Nightmare

Important Meeting at Tilling Green

A meeting at Tilling Green Community Centre kicked off a great idea that could result in the revival of former Rye Annual Events, help existing events and encourage Rye United Football Club to live again. Twenty people, including some of the best ‘committee workers’ in the land, attended and with Councillor Mike Boyd in the Chair.

Some of those attending the meeting
Some of those attending the meeting

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Udimore V Flimwell 1967

Udimore had a good football team in 1967. Some of the players included ;- Bob Wilson, Bob Rogers, Bernard Clark, Stubby Stubberfield, Dave Deadman, Mick Avery, Jim Hollands, Bryan Ryland, Keith Fitzhugh, Martin Wright, Ernie Whiting, Ray Sargent, Peter Sargent, Tim Wilmshurst. Continue reading Udimore V Flimwell 1967