Rye Characters of the 1960s

All the best people live in Rye

Some of the great Rye Characters from the 1960s – Some still with us – others gone but never forgotten.

Football teams, scouts, Cyclists, mayoring money, banquet at The George.


Mayoring Day Rye 1968

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Udimore V Flimwell 1967

Udimore had a good football team in 1967. Some of the players included ;- Bob Wilson, Bob Rogers, Bernard Clark, Stubby Stubberfield, Dave Deadman, Mick Avery, Jim Hollands, Bryan Ryland, Keith Fitzhugh, Martin Wright, Ernie Whiting, Ray Sargent, Peter Sargent, Tim Wilmshurst. Continue reading Udimore V Flimwell 1967

Treacle Miner

A rare 1960’s Mick Avery drawing depicting a Peasmarsh Treacle Miner.

These legendary workers were famous for their amazing ability to work underground for long periods, sometimes even without lights. Some attribute this low light vision to the ‘Peasmarsh Gold’ strain of carrot that is prolific in the area. Continue reading Treacle Miner