Father Richard McKivergan 1915-2005


Fr. Richard McKivergan died peacefully in his sleep on the morning of 25 March 2005 – appropriately Good Friday. He was 90 years old, and had been cared for by nuns in London since becoming very frail in his late 80’s. Continue reading Father Richard McKivergan 1915-2005

When Rye St John had Three Ambulances




When Rye St John Had Three Vehicles

By Arthur Woodgate

The picture below is of the three ambulances that Rye St John were using to serve Rye & District prior to the State run service that started in the 1950’s. Continue reading When Rye St John had Three Ambulances

The ‘Sprocket’ Page

Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers. Past and Present


Rye Wheelers will be supporting the Mayor’s ARRCC appeal fund for their annual charity raising event this year. Continue reading The ‘Sprocket’ Page

Town Crier – May 2005

By Jim Hollands

Lost Opportunity

I was saddened but not altogether surprised when Rye Councillors turned down the invitation from the newly formed ‘Democracy for Rye’ group to provide two members to help with initiating a plan that would eventually lead to Rye getting back the powers and properties that it lost to Rother District Council in 1973.

There are good men and women on Rye Council, many of whom are personal friends. I do not doubt their sincerity and admire the hard work and many hours they put in as councillors, all completely voluntary, but when I sit in at the Town Hall meetings and listen to their articulate debate I am frustrated that their words carry little weight and absolutely no power. Rye is ruled by the iron fist of Rother District Council led by a majority group of Bexhill area representatives. Continue reading Town Crier – May 2005

Jimper’s Jottings May 2005

April Showers

April lived up to its usual self. A taste of days to come then the following day the weather we experienced was cold and dreary. Haze from the water turned many a night into a wonderland hanging above the marsh and letting the tops of the bushes of thorn and willow grace the sky.

Two days of light rain on the fourteenth and fifteenth was a boon to the young growth emerging. A few mallard duck broods I saw were huge, many totalling over the dozen. With the mild weather they should manage to grow into adults. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings May 2005

The new Lord Warden

The new Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle, Admiral the Lord Boyce, GCB, OBE.,paid his first visit to Rye on Sunday 17 May. Continue reading The new Lord Warden

Our Man Dan

” A Fine Example”

Dan Bevan, 29, was posted to Rye after qualifying as a PCSO in May 2004. He has done great work in the town. He has been partly responsible for the dramatic fall in the crime rate, especially vandalism, in Rye and was nominated for his hard work by Hastings and Rye MP Michael Foster.
Mr Foster said the Prime Minister told Mr Bevan he was a “fine example” and residents are lucky to have him.  Dan described the trip to Downing Street as a fantastic experience. “I was so proud to be nominated.”  Continue reading Our Man Dan



The Romans built the first paved roads in England. The people of Rye, a couple of hundred years later, started to make the streets in and around Rye serviceable by gathering the hardest wearing material at hand, the humble flint. Out on the shore the people found an abundant supply of boulders. Once transported to the site, men lay them, packing them tightly into place and bedded them in with mud. Continue reading Cobblers