A Bold Plan To Restore Democracy To Rye And The District


On Monday the 14 November at Rye Community Centre the steering committee for the Campaign for a Democratic Rye set out their plan for a return of power to Rye Town Council. Continue reading A Bold Plan To Restore Democracy To Rye And The District

Down Rye Way

Ron Davies, a very popular character at Rye Auction Galleries, has had quite a past.

He was a Lance Sergeant in the 1st. Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and served the Regiment for 15 years. Continue reading Down Rye Way

Bonfire Extravaganza

They came in their thousands to town for one of the best Rye Fawkes Celebrations ever. Flaming torches lit the streets and a burning boat, the emblem of the Rye Bonfire Society, was dragged around the town as has happened for years immemorial. Continue reading Bonfire Extravaganza

A Rye Childhood


By Noel C. A. Care

The non human member of the family was a large tabby cat. Although the cat was large its tail was very short. It has, apparently been caught in the front door when it had slammed closed. Although it looked a little ridiculous it did not seem to worry her. She had a habit of lying close to the ground by the step and jumping out at any dog that wandered in the lane. Continue reading A Rye Childhood

Jimper’s Jottings

                   GREETINGS FROM THE AREAS

“All right young un?” That greeting to you, no matter how old you are, must surely mean one is in Rye Harbour or meeting someone from the village. Long have the welcoming phrases been local to different areas. Anyone greeted by “Watchya,” was a common sound on Romney Marsh between neighbours and strangers alike.

Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Town Crier

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Campaign For A Democratic Rye

The work of the Campaign for a Democratic Rye Group is aimed entirely at restoring power and decision making locally. It seeks to encourage Rye Councillors to face up to Rother and claim back what was taken from it in 1974. At the Public Meeting, held at the Rye Community Centre in November the numbers of people attending were a bit better than those that attend meetings of the Town Council, perhaps there is a message here somewhere. Continue reading Town Crier

The Politics of Wind Farming

By Peter Etherden

Slicing up flocks of Canadian geese as they wing their way across Romney Marsh is one way to keep bird flu at bay. But this underestimates avian intelligence. Migrating birds only fly along the English shipping lanes because the French peasants are gunning for them on the other side of the channel. Birds are quick learners which is more than can be said for the human species. Continue reading The Politics of Wind Farming