Giant Vase

A giant Chinese vase is one of the more unusual items in the July Antique Sale to be held on Friday 4th at Rye Auction Galleries, Rock Channel. Auctioneer Kevin Wall says “the value of this monster, should be in the £1000 range but had it had its original brother with it, it may well have fetched more than treble that amount”. Continue reading Giant Vase

Down Rye Way

Ron Davies, a very popular character at Rye Auction Galleries, has had quite a past.

He was a Lance Sergeant in the 1st. Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and served the Regiment for 15 years. Continue reading Down Rye Way

Bargain Hunt came to Rye

Bargain Hunt came to Rye on Friday 15 October and set up camp at Rye Auction Galleries where they put out one of their programmes ‘live’.

Tim Wonnacott fronted a BBC team. Presenters, Directors, Experts, Cameramen, Sound Men, Lighting Technicians, Make-Up Girls, Outside Broadcast People, Editors etc. etc. They even had their own security people. Continue reading Bargain Hunt came to Rye

“Flog It” Returns To Rye

Rye Auction Galleries were packed to the seams when B.B.C. television programme “Flog it” arrived to make two programmes for the popular series. Continue reading “Flog It” Returns To Rye