Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Memories From A Life In Hastings Through Two World Wars (Part 2).

By Tony May.

One of my Nan’s most remarkable memories from a lifetime in Hastings, concerns the day in (or around) 1930 when, walking the promenade with her mother and father on one of the family’s regular Sunday walks, she saw the Zeppelin Airship R101 flying slowly along in the distance. Continue reading Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Titanic Survivors

By Len King

On Sunday 31st May 2009 the last survivor from the TITANIC disaster died. Millvina Dean aged 97 years was living at a nursing home in Hampshire and only this year stars involved in the Hollywood blockbuster film of the tragedy agreed to contribute £20,000 to her fees. Continue reading Titanic Survivors

Hastings Beer Festival

Hastings Drinks Beer Festival dry for the first time ever!

8,500 attend the event, over 30K raised for local charities.

Post event press release by Tim Pilbeam

The 2009 Hasting Beer and Music Festival proved to be a huge success with the people of the town with over 8,500 people attending. Chairman Steve Millea “ I am overwhelmed by the support as we planned the event for 7,000 people but 8,500 is unbelievable Continue reading Hastings Beer Festival

John Ryan

John Ryan is with us no longer. Rye’s hero cartoonist, who created the famous Captain Pugwash and many other children’s cartoons has died aged eighty-eight. Continue reading John Ryan

Brenzett Aero Museum and Land Army Reunion



One of the endearing memories of WWll is Tommy Handley and his radio programme ITMA – It’s That Man Again – and now we have ITEA. It’s That Event Again, the Brenzett Aero Museum August show! And what a great show too! Continue reading Brenzett Aero Museum and Land Army Reunion

Lianne Fleet Graduation

On 21st July 2009 Lianne Fleet, aged 21, an ex student of Battle Abbey School, graduated from the prestigious Royal Veterinary College (RVC) with a BSc(Hons) Degree in BioVeterinary Science. Watching the ceremony which was held at the magnificent Guildhall in London were Lianne’s proud parents Kevin & Amanda who live in Brede with their other two children James (18) and George (6). Lianne is at present only one of two students chosen to work a summer studentship at Pfizer a leading pharmaceutical company, in Sandwich Kent, which is the company’s European Headquarters for Research & Development. Lianne, granddaughter of local businessman Ted Fleet, will then be returning to RVC in September for a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Veterinary Epidemiology and hopes to achieve a doctorate and pursue a career in Biological R&D.

From “Rye’s Own Supplement August 09