Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Memories From A Life In Hastings Through Two World Wars (Part 2).

By Tony May.

One of my Nan’s most remarkable memories from a lifetime in Hastings, concerns the day in (or around) 1930 when, walking the promenade with her mother and father on one of the family’s regular Sunday walks, she saw the Zeppelin Airship R101 flying slowly along in the distance. Continue reading Hastings in Wartime Part 2

Adventures in Rye

It is five years since Winnie Hollands passed on but her memory remains, reinforced with the words she wrote in her ADVENTURES IN RYE series published in “Rye’s Own”. Some brave words written as she lived in the knowledge of her imminent death are reprinted here as a tribute to a woman who was liked and respected by all who knew her and dearly loved by her immediate and extended family. Continue reading Adventures in Rye

Rye at War

War Comes to Rye

Rye went to war on 3 September 1939 – As war was declared a German Coaster was still tied up at The Strand. The German family who crewed her were well known and liked in Rye, They had been bringing in timber from the Baltic and Continue reading Rye at War