Adventures in Rye July 2001

Winnie TwoWinnie Hollands died on Sunday 10 June 2001.  A very brave lady, she prepared two last ‘Adventures’ knowing that the sands of time were running away. They were completed just four days before she was taken from us.

Adventures in Rye

By Winnie Hollands

Lying here in Richard’s house at St. Mary’s Bay in a room overlooking the sea I have had plenty of time to think back over 84 years and remember the highlights of my life. Everyone has to die at some point but when you know you have only a very limited time before you reach that point it really does focus the mind. Continue reading Adventures in Rye July 2001

Winchelsea Road Sprint

Old Event Revived

The Prewar Rye Wheelers ran an annual “Winchelsea Road Sprint” to find the fastest sprinters in the club. The race, held on the newly built Winchelsea Road, took the form of two time trials over a distance of a quarter of a mile. One from a standing start position and one with a flying start. Sixty years on and the spirit of Continue reading Winchelsea Road Sprint