Jimper’s Jottings November 2014

November 2014

Nearly every week there is an article in the local paper about the parking of traffic in no parking areas in Rye. The problem has got worse since the Traffic Warden was removed. Why the people in control of the town do not employ another, beats me. The cost, they say, does not add up to a profit. Well it would if Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings November 2014

Alice of Riga

The Worst Lifeboat Disaster in the History of the United Kingdom

In the early hours of the morning of 15 November 1928 a chain of events started that was to lead to the worst Lifeboat disaster in the history of the United Kingdom.

The steamship Alice of Riga, a collier carrying a load of bricks, and crewed by 14 Latvian seamen, was making her way through ever roughening seas down the Channel. As she rounded Dungeness Point the weather worsened and huge seas began breaking over her bows. She was slow ship and struggled to keep from being blown off her westward course. Visibility was reducing by the minute and her stern lights may have been extinguished by the breaking waves as her crew struggled to fight her through the storm. Continue reading Alice of Riga

Charity that took to the air

Chris Longfield is no stranger when it comes to addressing Rotary clubs to explain the need for funding of the Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust. For the second time in eighteen months Chris gave guests and members of the Rye & Winchelsea Rotary Club an update of the latest advances and improvements to their service which is now in its 25th year. Continue reading Charity that took to the air

Rye Ukulele Experiment on Radio Sussex

BBC Radio Sussex visited Rye today as part of their Coast and Country roving reports. S i m o n Jenkins, BBC Sussex Reporter was stationed up at t he Ypr es t ower t o present part of the show and to introduce listeners to just some of the interesting aspects of Rye. The Rye Ukulele Experiment were invited along for a brief chat and to play out the show with one of their favourite songs. Continue reading Rye Ukulele Experiment on Radio Sussex

Bonfire Celebrations in Bygone Years

What were those Bonfire Nights in Rye of more than sixty years ago really like?

So many stories are passed down by those senior citizens who were there. They tell of amazing burning boats being carted around the town, of fireworks being thrown in the streets and of famous film stars and personalities representing Rye Fawkes. At least thirty tableau every year, and four or five marching bands. There were bloaters cooked on the Bloater Boat and Dances at the Monastery. Continue reading Bonfire Celebrations in Bygone Years