Rye Loses a Great Champion

A Tribute to Keith Taylor

By Jim Hollands

As you go through life you meet just a few ‘very special’ people who are more interested in what they put into life rather than what they can get out. Dr. Keith Tayor was such a person. Continue reading Rye Loses a Great Champion

Rye A.T.C. Wartime 1941


This wartime photograph of the 304 Squadron (Rye) A.T.C. pictured outside the south door of St. Mary’s Church was originally sent in to Rye’s Own by Len Fuggle Continue reading Rye A.T.C. Wartime 1941

Soldiers of Rye by Chris Viner

Twenty-five years ago a young couple decided to move from the outskirts of London and start a business in Rye. With two small boys to care for the decision was not taken lightly, for it involved leaving, after nineteen years, a steady job and moving away from friends, family and the comfort zone of ‘what you know’. Continue reading Soldiers of Rye by Chris Viner



BY THE EDITOR With the help of information supplied by Ringo’s family and the 1991 Mayor of Rye George Shackleton. Continue reading Ringo