Miss Welfare

Freda Mary Welfare: 1905-2005

Freda was born in Robertsbridge in 1905 where her father was landlord of “The New Eight Bells”. In 1912 her father died and the family split up. Her mother and two brothers went to Reading where there were family members, by Freda came to live with a favourite aunt and uncle in Ferry Road. The uncle had a tobacconist shop in Landgate. Continue reading Miss Welfare

Ernest Charles Apps

Ernest Charles Apps


A Rye Character

by R Wylson

Irascible, intelligent, cantankerous, scurrilous, interesting, perverse, opinionated, cultured, argumentative, frugal, irreverent. These are all adjectives used to describe Ernie Apps, who, by universal agreement, was indeed a Rye character. Continue reading Ernest Charles Apps

Rye At War With Rother

“Rother No Good to Man Nor Beast” Angry residents packed Rye Town Hall on Tuesday 7 December for what was probably the most important, specially convened meeting to be held in the historic building since World War Two. Continue reading Rye At War With Rother

Jimper’s Jottings January 2005

January 2005

As I write these jottings in the middle of January I ponder over the change in the weather that we have experienced over the past few years. The world of nature is going mad around me. Spring should arrive in April but these days we hear reports on television of strange things happening. Like the brood of Thrushes hatched in Brighton near the Pavilion around Christmas. I reported last month of the family of Blackbirds living in my garden. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings January 2005

Christmas Arrived Early This Year

By John Wallbank

I certainly hope that on the evening of the 23rd of December, a lot of Ryers ears were burning! There I was at my place of work here in Wellington, New Zealand, when my wife rang to tell me that one of my old Rye former footballing buddies from way back had been on the phone to her and wanted to meet up with me. Continue reading Christmas Arrived Early This Year

Kerry Has The Last Word On the ‘Maanav Star’

Dear Editor .

My name is Kerry Ovenden, I am a student at Bexhill College study ing photography and psychology and I thought that you may like to print the two photographs I have included of the Maanav Star when it ran aground at Jury’s Gap. I took these images using a digital camera. I hope you like them. Kerry Ovenden Beckley Yes Kerry, I do like them. and so I believe, will the readers. You certainly found a different angle on the ‘old tub.’ I guess there were thousands of pictures taken of her during her two week enforced stay at Jury’s Gap but my bet is that there were not even a handful with as much impact as these two. Keep up the good work and the very best of luck with your studies. Ed.



“Rye’s Own” January 2005

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Wellington Lodge Presentation Day

The word Freemason conjures up the idea in many of a secret society that excludes non members from its circle and works only for the benefit of members. Continue reading Wellington Lodge Presentation Day