The Oak Inn, High Street

The Pubs of Rye no. 3

By David Russell

Very little information has come to light about this fishermen’s beer house located on the High Street. The earliest known date for the Oak is 1870 when Alfred Bourn was the licensee. However, as a beer house, we can be fairly certain it was in existence well before then, and possibly dated back to the 1830 Licensing Act. The house was then known as the Pig and Whistle. Continue reading The Oak Inn, High Street

Having Fun for Charity


Nice to see another local business getting involved with events in the town. Rush Witt & Wilson, the Estate Agents at the old Vidler’s building, have taken part in almost every organised occasion in Rye this year from the Raft Race to Bonfire Night. Continue reading Having Fun for Charity

Rye Pottery

By Pam Goddard

An Error of Judgement

One day at work we were expecting a photographer from the magazine “Sussex Life” to take some photos of June and I doing our respective jobs. I was going to throw small mugs, once I had finished off things I had made the day before, so didn’t start throwing things until very late in the morning. Continue reading Rye Pottery

Frederica Tops the Poll


Twenty-three-year-old Frederica Barwood was voted “Rye’s Girl of the Year” by readers and becomes “Miss Rye’s Own 1969”. Continue reading Frederica Tops the Poll

The Potters of Rye

Walter Cole

By A. G. Page

The life of Walter Cole the Potter is fairly decisively divided into two parts. Before the War he built a reputation in London as one of the few British specialists in stoneware. whose popularity, in the sophisticated thirties, had declined because Continue reading The Potters of Rye