The Nags Head

The Nags Head Gensing Road

By John Hodges

The first reference to the parish of St.Leonard occurs in 1372, it is contained within a return of the parish churches in the liberty of Hastings made by the Bailiff. Although this ancient church appears to have disappeared sometime in the fifteenth century, it can be placed in the present day Norman Road. During the construction of the recently redundant Methodist church the existence of such a building was confirmed when the old graveyard was disturbed. When James Burton first decided to build his new town on part of the old Manor of Gensing, it straddled two parishes. That of St.Leonard was one, whilst the other was St Mary Magdalene named not after an ancient church, but more likely after the old hospital of that name, long since disappeared but the revenues of which continue Continue reading The Nags Head

Historical Background


By John Hodges

There is no actual date that can be accurately attributed to the first appearance of alcoholic beverage. It most likely occurred as a result of the natural fermentation of fruit, the ingestion of which by early man was noted for its soporific effects. The first mention of what we would describe as ale occurred several thousand years ago and is referred to in the ancient Egyptian work entitled “The Book of the Dead”. This work refers to the preparation of an intoxicating beverage prepared from grain, whilst the celebrated  Dr. Birch Egyptologist claims through Continue reading Historical Background

Rye Town Band & Googie Withers

Rye had a fine brass band for many years. Alas it is no more. This photograph was taken shortly before the Second War, in 1938, and was loaned to us by Sylvia Cutting whose Dad Bill can be seen third from the left in the top row. Continue reading Rye Town Band & Googie Withers