The Life and Times of Reg Weeks

Reg Weeks was born at 2 Bridge Place, Rye, Sussex on the 1st February, 1907. His parents were married in the Registry Office on 30th November, 1901 and their first child, Elsie was born a month later. Alice was relieved that Reg was born healthy, her previous baby had been stillborn and her first child. Elsie, was now five years old. She would soon begin to take in washing again to supplement her husband Charles’ earnings as a bricklayer. Continue reading The Life and Times of Reg Weeks

“Flog It” Returns To Rye

Rye Auction Galleries were packed to the seams when B.B.C. television programme “Flog it” arrived to make two programmes for the popular series. Continue reading “Flog It” Returns To Rye

“Triples” Competition won by Peasmarsh Squad

The Mermaid sponsored “Triples” Bowls competition held at Rye on Sat 31 July was won by Peasmarsh Bowls Club. Husband and wife couple Alf and Wendy Boorman together with Pete Maylam made up the team. They played their three games without losing a match. Their high aggregate of shots won ensured a fine result over Hollington B.C. and Westfield B. C. who were second and third respectively. Continue reading “Triples” Competition won by Peasmarsh Squad

The Changing Strand

 Part Two

by Arthur Woodgate

In 1938 the steel piles were put in along the river to replace the old worn out ones, which were wooden and been there for many years. On 2nd July of that year, I was crossing the bridge into Winchelsea Road in a terrific thunder storm and witnessed the most spectacular natural sight I have seen. Continue reading The Changing Strand

Public Transport’s Not For Me

 By Pauline Kingswood

With the increases in the price of oil and pressure on roads the whole question of public versus personal transport again comes sharply into focus, and a little light on the subject is needed. There are a lot of misconceptions about public transport, which makes comparison of what is offered difficult. Continue reading Public Transport’s Not For Me

The “Sprocket” Page

Stories and Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

The Wheelers have retained only one of their original prewar trophies, the others were lost in the period 1950-54. That is why the 25 Mile Championship Shield is so highly coveted by the Club and is so fiercely fought over each year. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

Caught In The Mint

          In the times when Policemen patrolled the Town

From Jimper’s Romantic Diaries

The Street in Rye called The Mint is narrow, twisting downhill and one-way traffic only. It was the quick way for me to visit my girlfriend up in Church Square. The shortest route to her home was by way of Mermaid Street but as this is also steep and paved in large cobblestones, did not appeal to me on my old drop handlebar push-bike. Continue reading Caught In The Mint