Rye & District Wheelers 100 Mile Championship

Wheeler’s Championship “100”

Best Race in three centuries of club history Jon & Barry go ‘Head to Head’ in “100” Championship

In over 120 years of Rye cycling there can have been very few time trial championships as hard fought and competitive right down to the wire. Continue reading Rye & District Wheelers 100 Mile Championship

Wheelers Triumph In Kent

Local cycling club, Rye & District Wheelers have made history in Kent Cycling circles by becoming the first club ever to win the KCA Best All Rounder Team Trophy, an event which aggregates the best times over distances of 25, 50, 100 miles and 12 Hours by the fastest three riders from one club in a season, with two women representatives in the team.

Continue reading Wheelers Triumph In Kent

Rye’s Cycling National Champions


It was entirely appropriate that the cycling Mayor of Rye, Paul Osborne should make the presentation of the Rye & District Wheelers VTTA National team Championship medals as one of his very last acts as Mayor. Continue reading Rye’s Cycling National Champions

Barry Goodsell Under the Hour

Barry Gets Under The Hour

59minutes 39seconds in the Twickenham Cycling Club event on a course near Andover saw Barry get under the hour with 21 seconds to spare. He beat his own Rye & District Wheelers Club Record by more than two and a half minutes. This is a long awaited moment in Wheelers history and will inspire other riders to emulate Barry’s achievement. Other good recent results were the rides of Mark Continue reading Barry Goodsell Under the Hour

Championship Twenty-Five

The Rye Wheelers 25 Mile Championship, run in conjunction with the Kent V.T.T.A event on September 4 over Marsh roads was one of the most memorable for over fifty years. Continue reading Championship Twenty-Five

The “Sprocket” Page

Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

May has been another great month for the Rye & District Wheelers. There were no less than ten Rye riders entered for the first Tenterden “10”, this despite losing ever present Kevin Hall to an ankle operation that will put him out of action for several races. Barry Goodsell produced the fastest ride of the evening, beating riders from Tenterden, Ashford and Hastings. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

Wheelers Fun Day

The Rye & District Wheelers Fun Day held on the Strand Quay on Saturday 28 May featured a marathon ride on rollers the equivalent distance of Rye to Land’s End. The 357 mile journey was completed by 4.30pm, three and a half hours inside the time allowed for the effort. Continue reading Wheelers Fun Day

The “Sprocket” Page


     Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers past and present


Rye & District Wheelers enjoyed a day of record breaking on Sunday 10 October when a record ten riders took part on the V.T.T.A. 15 Mile time trial at Bethersden. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page

The “Sprocket” Page

Stories and Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

The Wheelers have retained only one of their original prewar trophies, the others were lost in the period 1950-54. That is why the 25 Mile Championship Shield is so highly coveted by the Club and is so fiercely fought over each year. Continue reading The “Sprocket” Page