The Stewart May Empire

Part Five

By Arthur Woodgate

Bill Smith was the first Bailiff of Sharvels in my time there. He was a local man but the managing of Sharval’s Farm was rather bigger than Crutches as it included Flackley Ash, Shepherds, Butchards and The Hutches. All this included more property and responsibility, so specialist people began to be brought in from outside. Mr Farr, a college trained agriculturalist, came I can’t remember anything very spectacular in his time, but he didn’t stop long. Continue reading The Stewart May Empire

The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years

What is almost certainly the most important meeting to take place in Rye for fifty years is set to go ahead at the Thomas Peacocke College at 8pm on Thursday 16 August.

Every person living in Rye is invited, along with Councillors and District Councillors from Rye, Battle, Bexhill and the villages plus members of the Bexhill Forum to hear Eastleigh’s Council Leader Councillor Keith House outline the great benefits that Rye, Battle and Bexhill could derive from splitting Rother District Council into three parts, run by their own elected District Councillors with the direct assistance of their local Town and Village Councils. Continue reading The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years

Day Centre Picnic

The Day Centre picnic, in its third year now, went really well. There were over 70 guests, all elderly. To defy the rain which was forecast organisers begged, borrowed and stole gazebos and hijacked their owners to help erect them. The ploy was successful as the rain stayed away! For entertainment a lady piper was hired, and in full highland dress, marched down the field playing as she went – wonderful. Continue reading Day Centre Picnic

Selling Off the Family Silver

Every town has possessions that have been accrued over the years. Rye is no exception, at one time the Borough Council owned more than half the dwellings and ground within the Rye boundaries. Continue reading Selling Off the Family Silver

Town Crier


News and Gossip Pages

By The Editor

The Price of Land

The piece of land adjacent to the railway between the Mill and Ferry Road, plus another small parcel of ground opposite was sold at action to a developer for £210,000. This was £200,000 over the estimated £5,000 to £10,000 that was the guide price. Continue reading Town Crier

The Councillor Designer and Deans

By Gemma Glover

For those who have lived in Rye all, or most, of their lives, I bet it does not seem 52 years ago that Deans Rag Book Company came to Tower Street. The Company spent 30 years here and employed many local people. Deans moved out in 1982 re-siting at a new home in South Wales. Continue reading The Councillor Designer and Deans

The Television Man Part 2

An opportunity arrived in the form of televisions at a lower price than had previously been possible. There was a catch, no less than 72 identical sets had to be ordered, they could be paid for over four months but the whole lot would be delivered on the same day. Continue reading The Television Man Part 2

Lovejoy’s are Back in Business Again

In the early hours of July 17th 2006 fire broke out and destroyed the burgeoning young business of Lovejoy’s, in Market Road, Rye. A devastating blow for proprietors Barbara and Keith Lovejoy, after just two and a half years of trading. Continue reading Lovejoy’s are Back in Business Again

Rye Country Show 2007


Great news about this year’s Rye Show at Salts Farm, East Guldeford on Saturday August 18th …

All the old favourites will be there again to thrill and amuse everyone – the Rye Warbirds model aeroplanes, Terrier Racing, Grand Raffle, lots of fun games and sideshows and stalls, and of course the multi-ring Horse Show and Dog Show. Continue reading Rye Country Show 2007

Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge

400 Sail from the Rastrum Wharf at Rye Harbour

About 400 passengers, mostly from the Rye area, sailed from Rye Wharf at Rye Harbour on Wednesday 12 July on the Merchant Vessel Balmoral, bound for the Tower Pier. Continue reading Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge