Rye in The Fifties

The town of Rye in the fifties was a hive of activity and no one saw the changes that loomed on the distant horizon. Then all England was starting to come together after the war and things were returning to normal. Everyone that wanted a job was able to find one in Rye. Everything that the tradesman or housewife needed was accessible in one or other of the shops and little needed to be transported from afar. Two major builders’ yards supplied the town with craftsmen and any timber required could be sourced from the timber yard that was supplied by ship to the Strand. Continue reading Rye in The Fifties

Selling Off the Family Silver

Every town has possessions that have been accrued over the years. Rye is no exception, at one time the Borough Council owned more than half the dwellings and ground within the Rye boundaries. Continue reading Selling Off the Family Silver