Building The Regent

 By Arthur Woodgate

Following the article in the May issue of “Rye’s Own” I feel it is my duty to record my part in the history of Rye’s Picture Theatres, safety on building sites and building repairs. Continue reading Building The Regent

Things Long Ago

Jimper Reminisces on a Lost World

Once on Romney Marsh not so long ago, it was a very unhealthy place to live. There was a dreaded thing that was called the Ague, a disease we now know was a type of malaria, caused by the mosquito which lived in the water that covered a lot of the flat land. Continue reading Things Long Ago

Bournes UTS Celebrate Dancing Elephant Award

Bournes the Rye removal company have been presented with the famous UTS Dancing Elephant after winning the award for the second time since its conception in 1993. Continue reading Bournes UTS Celebrate Dancing Elephant Award

Town Crier

2005 is an historic year for our small country which has had such a big influence on developing the world in which we live.

This year Rye will recall with pride the terrific efforts of our fighting men of the past who have ensured that the voice of England and Britain had the power to command our own destiny. Continue reading Town Crier