George Bayntun at 104 Enjoys the New Cycle/FootPath

By Derek Bayntun


Its good that Graham’s Way is at last completed and the vegetation has been cut back, pity about the white lines confusing the edge of the path and kerb at night. That needs addressing.

Cycle Path - Opening of Graham's Way
Cycle Path – Opening of Graham’s Way
Cyclist ride off the end of the cycle path at a point only a few yards
Cyclist ride off the end of the cycle path before it’s completion

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Busy Day at Landgate 1887

By Jim Hollands

This photograph from the Frank Palmer Collection was taken 130 years ago this very month. More than 20 figures are faithfully captured at that moment in time. Continue reading Busy Day at Landgate 1887

Back Where They Belong

One Year On

Just one year on from the fire which destroyed the Martyn Channon premises in Rye Cattle market the family business is back on the old site and trading in newly constructed buildings. Continue reading Back Where They Belong

Town Crier January 2007

Tilling Green in Danger

Councillor John Breeds sent in these amazing pictures of a river of water running down the very field where building development is being planned. Continue reading Town Crier January 2007

Bournes UTS Celebrate Dancing Elephant Award

Bournes the Rye removal company have been presented with the famous UTS Dancing Elephant after winning the award for the second time since its conception in 1993. Continue reading Bournes UTS Celebrate Dancing Elephant Award

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

The Sara Colebrooke Saga

By Tony Bridgland

Browsing through your June 2004 issue whilst in the doctor’s waiting-room, I came across two separate articles which dovetailed together to be of particular interest to me. One was “The Amazing Story of a Rye Shipyard” and the other, by Arthur Woodgate, told how the coaster ‘Sara Colebrooke’ was launched at Rock Channel on the day that he was born. Continue reading The Sara Colebrooke Saga

Dredging Strand Quay

Dredging Strand Quay

by Peter Etherden

This is a cautionary tale and I have cut corners in the telling. Rye’s trawler fleet has been decimated by the European Union over the past few decades and although a new Fishing Quay is finally under construction the part played by the Rye Fishmarket Project in the whole story has been written out of this shortened account which focuses on our failure to dredge Rye’s Strand Quay…something which has been done every few years since time immemorial. Continue reading Dredging Strand Quay

Boat Builders of Rye Part 3


The Warship Revival

Photographs from the collection of E.G. Pollington (nee Jempson)

“A Thirteenth Century traveller from inland, making his way through the gloom of the Sussex forests, might well have paused on the outskirts of Rye to listen to a strange sound, a rhythmic hammering, half-metallic, half wooden in its timbre, which floated out hour after hour on the southerly breeze. Continue reading Boat Builders of Rye Part 3

Bring Power Back To The Area

Let Rye, Winchelsea and the villages unite to bring power back to the area.

by Arthur Woodgate

All the recent arguments about the new doctors surgery make one think of the general deterioration of the importance of Rye. Continue reading Bring Power Back To The Area