Cheeky Girls & Boris

Rye’s Own Cheeky Girls Raise  Thousands for  Charity with Boris

Rye's own Cheeky Girls Monica and Gaby
Rye’s own Cheeky Girls Monica and Gabriella


“Rye’s Own” favourites Monica and Gabriella Irimia, joined forces  with Boris Johnson and a host of other celebrities in an event at Canary Wharf that  involved Continue reading Cheeky Girls & Boris

Today is Jimper’s Birthday

Jimper is Very Poorly

Jimper has been writing articles and stories in “Rye’s Own” since 1966. He has become Rye’s best known character, with followers all over the country and indeed, all over the World.

He has met Royalty and Politicians, been on Television on innumerable occasions, written twenty books from which the proceeds have all gone to local charities. Continue reading Today is Jimper’s Birthday

Cheeky Girls May Be Saying “Get Me Out of Here”?


Will The Twins Be Jungle Celebs?

Rumours are going about that Cheeky Girls, Gabriella and Monica will be in this year’s “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here”. Continue reading Cheeky Girls May Be Saying “Get Me Out of Here”?

Ever Popular Cheeky Girls

Rye’s Own pop stars The Cheeky Girls have been described as ‘one hit wonders’ and accused of lack of talent by such eminent music critics as like Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell . Continue reading Ever Popular Cheeky Girls

Town Crier January 2007

Tilling Green in Danger

Councillor John Breeds sent in these amazing pictures of a river of water running down the very field where building development is being planned. Continue reading Town Crier January 2007

Local Powers


A Far seeing Article written in March 2006.

By Peter Etherton.

Most people in Rye take only a passing interest in the Rye Town Council. The mayor of this once powerful body gets his picture in the local paper most weeks but never for anything political. At one recent election there were thirteen candidates and twelve got in making me wonder what provisions were made for the thirteenth. He was clearly a good and honourable man who had much to offer the town. I would have co-opted him for something. Continue reading Local Powers

Bonfire Extravaganza

They came in their thousands to town for one of the best Rye Fawkes Celebrations ever. Flaming torches lit the streets and a burning boat, the emblem of the Rye Bonfire Society, was dragged around the town as has happened for years immemorial. Continue reading Bonfire Extravaganza

Rye Fawkes 2005

Bonfire Flag Will Fly Over the Landgate

On Saturday 12 November the Bonfire Boys flag will fly over the Landgate as it has done so many times in the past. It is hoisted before dawn so that Ryers can see it announcing the big day in the Bonfire Society year from first light. Continue reading Rye Fawkes 2005