Rye & Hastings MP is Home Secretary

Amber Rudd MP. Appointed to senior Position in Theresa May’s Cabinet

Breaking news – Rye & Hastings MP. is New Home Secretary

Amber Rudd MP
Amber Rudd MP

A few month’s ago we predicted that Amber Rudd would be Prime Minister one day. ┬áToday she took a giant step on that road, being selected as the new Home Continue reading Rye & Hastings MP is Home Secretary

Rod Shows Rye the Way


By Jim Hollands

Ex Motor racing driver Rod Chapman is leading the race to get Rye back into work and out of the recession.

His Atlas Business Park on Rye Harbour Road and the vast Rye Wharf site and accompanying facilities and ground contain dozens of local businesses providing work for hundreds of local people at Rye Harbour. Continue reading Rod Shows Rye the Way

Rye Silt Dredger


By John Blight

In 2007 a better and cheaper option for dredging was needed for Rye. The Dutch had the monopoly on this throughout the UK, but about 10 years previously I had drawn up a system to fit to an existing vessel, then never got around to fitting it. Continue reading Rye Silt Dredger

Fire at Rye Harbour

Rye Harbour Firm Helps Fire Devastated CPW

Rod Chapman, Director of Atlas Industrial Park and Rastrum came to the rescue of fire stricken Country Pine Warehouses (CPW) in Rye Harbour Road, which was completely gutted at the beginning of July. Continue reading Fire at Rye Harbour

The Port of Rye

The port was always used for commerce as well as military purposes. The Romans shipped much of their iron exports from it, for even in Roman days the Weald of Kent and Sussex were producing iron. Continue reading The Port of Rye