Rise & Fall Part Two

The Rise and Fall of Rye’s Industry and Commerce

Part 2

By Arthur Woodgate

In the nineteenth century, on a ridge of high ground, in the part of greater Heathfield known as Punnetts Town, there were two windmills. One ground the corn, but it is the other, the one that worked wood working machinery, that this piece of history is concerned. Continue reading Rise & Fall Part Two

Brenzett Aero Museum

Two aircraft stand motionless in the corner of a field near Brenzett round-a-bout. All who pass that way cannot have failed to have seen them. What message have these two relics of a past era got for the young people of today’s modern World? Continue reading Brenzett Aero Museum

Am I Going Mad?


Jimper’s Jottings March 2009


Follow your eyes and read on and you may think I have gone mad, or perhaps you, like me, cannot see the logic of it.

For four hundred years the land around Camber Castle had not been touched. Early in the 1900s man used the free draining earth for a golf course mowing the grass short and introducing the occasional bunker. Continue reading Am I Going Mad?


Saturday 21 February 2009 saw a fantastic start to this year’s Rye Bay Scallop Festival. Bright sunshine, warm weather, a light breeze and the exciting arrival of the celebrated motorcycling foodies the ‘Hairy Biker’s.

Continue reading Scallops