Rye Fire Pump

Old Rye Fire Pump

This old horse drawn steam water pump, photographed in his youth by Mike Whiteman, seems to be an appliance belonging to Rye Fire Brigade.

Can any of our readers throw more light on the subject. What was the date it was introduced? Over what period was it used?. And who are the firemen in the picture? Continue reading Rye Fire Pump

The Day the Mill Burned Down


By Arthur Woodgate

When I awoke on 13th June 1930, my bedroom window was full of flame (A sight not unusual ten years later). This was out beloved Windmill, by the River Tillingham, on fire. A different sight than that on the Rye’s Own Christmas card. By the time I dressed and got out to be on hand should any help be needed the mill was completely alight with its out line shape still showing through the flames, but seconds later it seemed to twist and collapse. Continue reading The Day the Mill Burned Down

Jimper’s Jottings from January 2003

Jimper’s Jottings

December gone, the new year is here. With December went the shortest day, now summer is on the way but beware the old saying “As the days lengthen the cold does strengthen”.

December was not as cold as it felt, “a miserable damp barn windy chilly month” as the old folk called it. Yes, the east winds were cold but they blew across the ground not into it and so the earth, the home of all our plants, did not freeze, Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings from January 2003

Rye’s Own Pop Stars

The Cheeky Girls, Monica and Gabriela Irimia, returned to their adopted town of Rye for a flying visit on the Saturday before Christmas to help Santa distribute toys to the children who visited the Ypres Tower “Grotto.”

Monica and Gabriela, identical twins, came to Rye a year ago to live with their mother, Margaret and step-dad Ray. Their amazing path to stardom has come as Continue reading Rye’s Own Pop Stars