“Rye’s Own” News – May 2004

Wish Street Car Park Under Threat

Planning approval is being sought for two blocks of five story flats on the old Gas Works site behind the Kettle O’ Fish. The site was originally deemed unsafe for building purposes because of the high chemical content in the ground left by the residue of tens of years of waste disposal from the gas producing process. It has been used as a car park since it was sold into private hands after the Gas Works Continue reading “Rye’s Own” News – May 2004

The Day the Mill Burned Down


By Arthur Woodgate

When I awoke on 13th June 1930, my bedroom window was full of flame (A sight not unusual ten years later). This was out beloved Windmill, by the River Tillingham, on fire. A different sight than that on the Rye’s Own Christmas card. By the time I dressed and got out to be on hand should any help be needed the mill was completely alight with its out line shape still showing through the flames, but seconds later it seemed to twist and collapse. Continue reading The Day the Mill Burned Down