We Told You So



Seven Local residents who were opposed to the building of the new Primary School on the site adjacent to the Thomas Peacocke Community College. They objected on the grounds that the present traffic problems in The Grove and Love Lane were chaotic enough already and were saying “We told you so” when a lorry damaged the Grove Crossing Gates. The gates were closed for at least two hours, between two and four in the afternoon of 21 April with resultant mayhem caused to traffic coming down from Deadmans Lane. Continue reading We Told You So

The Landgate In Old Times

J. L. DEACON F. R. Hist. S. printed the first edition his his amazing “Ancient Rye” early in the 20th. century, the fifth edition hit the bookstands in 1927 and contains this great picture of the Landgate in Georgian times. Continue reading The Landgate In Old Times

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

I wonder if anyone could kindly help me to find out what happened to the Craft Club founded in April 1991 possibly at Rye Golf Club. Founded members included Major General Duke, Rear Admiral Robertson and Air Vice Marshal Seabrook  The one time Hon. Treasurer T. Mc Millan, would like information. Continue reading Pen & Ink

“Rye’s Own” News – May 2004

Wish Street Car Park Under Threat

Planning approval is being sought for two blocks of five story flats on the old Gas Works site behind the Kettle O’ Fish. The site was originally deemed unsafe for building purposes because of the high chemical content in the ground left by the residue of tens of years of waste disposal from the gas producing process. It has been used as a car park since it was sold into private hands after the Gas Works Continue reading “Rye’s Own” News – May 2004

Rye Fights Back

Protest Rally at Postern Gate

Critics of Rye Town Council members had better beware. That is the message coming from many Councillors. They are fed up with being ruled by Rother District, East Sussex and other bodies such as the Primary Care Trust. Continue reading Rye Fights Back

Pen & Ink October 2001

To The Editor

In your July Edition on page 16/17 there is a group picture in which you identify Mr. J. H. Gasson.

I believe the picture was taken in 1922 and represents a charabang outing by the Globe Inn Darts Club. The man in the middle of the row, 7th from the left was James Morfey, a farmer from Iden who died in 1981. Sorry I can’t help you with the others.

Congratulations on your excellent little magazine

R. C. Regendanz Iden Continue reading Pen & Ink October 2001