The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family

November is the month we remember those that fell in two World Wars and other Wars and Conflicts

The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family

By Roland Jempson

In the June 2003 edition of Rye’s Own. There was an article entitled “The Tiltman’s of Rye”, about the sacrifice of nine members of the “Tiltman” family, by Jo’ Kirkham, also a Further article by Eric Streeton about a Memorial Plaque for Walter Thomas Tiltman. All this prompted me to find out more about my families relations that I had vaguely heard of in my childhood. Continue reading The Great Sacrifice of a Rye Family

Bonfire Magic

It’s that time of year again. The Bonfire Boys Flag flies over The Landgate and preparations are being made for the annual invasion of the streets of Rye by pirates, witches, Kings and Queens, skeletons, wenches, Cavaliers and Roundheads. Continue reading Bonfire Magic

Boxing Club


By Carl Turner

A strong and dedicated team of 16 boxers from Rye Town Amateur Boxing Club will be heading off to Wales on Friday 8th March 2013 to take on their biggest challenge to date. The challenge named Operation Lion Heart will see Rye’s Boxing Team led by coaches Dean Turner and Carl Turner, engage in combat with two local Welsh Boxing Clubs, one after the other, immediately followed by a 3,560ft climb to the summit of the highest mountain in England and Wales, Mount Snowdon. Continue reading Boxing Club

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

I wonder if anyone could kindly help me to find out what happened to the Craft Club founded in April 1991 possibly at Rye Golf Club. Founded members included Major General Duke, Rear Admiral Robertson and Air Vice Marshal Seabrook  The one time Hon. Treasurer T. Mc Millan, would like information. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Street Names of Rye

By Kenneth Clark

Reprinted from a 1967 Issue of Rye’s Own

“In 1859”, wrote H. P. Clarke in his “Guide and History of Rye”, printed in 1861, “the houses were numbered and the names of the street were foolishly altered; as events in history often give names to streets. Continue reading Street Names of Rye

Down Rye Way – Fred Jordan

Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred'Chippy' Jordan by Maureen Allen
Down Rye Way May 1970 Fred’Chippy’ Jordan by Maureen Allen

Frederick Stanley Jordan. known to nearly every inhabitant of Rye as Chippy is a Ryer in every sense of the word.  Continue reading Down Rye Way – Fred Jordan