Many people have asked about the artist who provided last months cover picture of Mermaid Street . Beat rice Cloake from Hythe is the artist, she has been described as a romantic in modern times who writes poems in watercolour. We could not improve on this description of one of our favourite artists. Continue reading Editorial

Late News Extra

Bike It You’ll Like It

We all cheered on Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy, Vicky Pendleton and all those other great cyclists who have helped to restore our national pride and depleted gold reserves. Tears of joy and emotion, the like of which has not been seen since 1966 when England won the World Cup, erupted on Olympic rostrums and in the front rooms of Britain. Continue reading Late News Extra

Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010


Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

There is a strong belief that all Rye Mayors have been members of the council but this is not true. They must be chosen by Rye Council from Rye ratepayers and, of course, the chosen person must agree to take the position. Continue reading Rye Mayors 1913 – 2010

Meet You In Longs

Many readers will remember Longs the Bakers in the High Street. They had a small cafe on the first floor. It was a popular meeting place in World War Two and despite the strict rationing there was always a cup of tea and a cake of some sort to enjoy. Continue reading Meet You In Longs

Rye Trades Exhibition 1959

In the late fifties and early sixties Rye was a thriving market town. Each year there was a Trades Exhibition at The Monastery and local enterprises took stands to show their stock in trade, advertise their services and display their products. Continue reading Rye Trades Exhibition 1959

Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

Who is Daydreamer?

Dear Editor

They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There They Seek Daydreamer Everywhere

I read with interest Eric Streeton’s letter in February “Rye’s Own”, and in particular, his reference to the possible identity of “Daydreamer”, whose article Continue reading Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

The Sprocket Page

The Adventures of the Rye & District Wheelers Past and Present

          Goodbye to a Fine Gentleman of the Road

Gentleman Jim Catt, who was one of the Club’s few surviving prewar members has died.

Jim, who moved away from the town when his job as mechanic to Odell the Cycleman in Market Road came to an end with the closure of the business in the sixties. He was in his nineties and cycled, albeit on a battery assisted tricycle, until very recently. Continue reading The Sprocket Page

Street Names of Rye

By Kenneth Clark

Reprinted from a 1967 Issue of Rye’s Own

“In 1859”, wrote H. P. Clarke in his “Guide and History of Rye”, printed in 1861, “the houses were numbered and the names of the street were foolishly altered; as events in history often give names to streets. Continue reading Street Names of Rye

Fire & Flood

High Street Blaze

Two dozen firemen with four appliances fought a fierce blaze which did severe damage to three Rye business premises on Thursday, 21st September. Continue reading Fire & Flood