Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

Who is Daydreamer?

Dear Editor

They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There They Seek Daydreamer Everywhere

I read with interest Eric Streeton’s letter in February “Rye’s Own”, and in particular, his reference to the possible identity of “Daydreamer”, whose article Continue reading Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

Adventures in Rye April 2001


by Winnie Hollands

Reading the letter from John and Mary in last month’s Pen & Ink column, I couldn’t agree with them more.

The old Ferry Road School would make a lovely sport and gym centre where mums and dads and children could go. There could be a cycle path through the site from Ferry Road to The Grove and footpaths, children’s play areas, running circuit for joggers and athletes young and old alike, a football training area, roller blade area etc. I can hear you all shouting “What about the money?” Well what Continue reading Adventures in Rye April 2001

Rye’s Own Editorial – April 1966


Six months have passed since the first issue of Rye’s Own made its presence felt on the news stands in this small town. In that short space of time we have chronicled the events of the day and also looked back in time to the Rye of older days. It is difficult to assess the interests of a varied readership that we must cater for if we are to be successful but it seems that the formula adopted is the right one, sales have increased with each issue, so, except for the inclusion of more sports features, the present policy will be adhered to in the months to come. Thank you all for your wonderful support. Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial – April 1966