Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

Who is Daydreamer?

Dear Editor

They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There They Seek Daydreamer Everywhere

I read with interest Eric Streeton’s letter in February “Rye’s Own”, and in particular, his reference to the possible identity of “Daydreamer”, whose article

Pen & Ink

was published in the January edition. Alas, I have to disappoint, the writer of the article is definitely not Arthur Woodgate as Mr. Streeton suggested, but some other ‘notary of the past’!

Indeed, as I write to you, I can confirm that Daydreamer is merrily scribbling a second instalment of life in days of yore, and in particular about those days in our delightful town of Rye.

So readers, keep the guesses coming in – Daydreamer lives to dream another day!!!!!

Son of Daydreamer

Rampaging Gangs

Dear Editor

In Rye there are clear signs that Spring is on the way: bulbs shooting, seagulls searching for nests, and of course a rise in anti-social behaviour.

For the last three evenings – Friday to Sunday between 6pm and 8pm. – groups of young people have been rampaging through the Town, shouting obscenities, knocking on doors and causing damage. Last evening one of the groups came up via West Street to the Gun Gardens harassing both residents and visitors. At around 1930 they returned towards the Tilling Green Estate via Market Road, the Bus Station and Budgens. On the way they tried to demolish the security camera covering our front door (we have the makeshift baseball bat, which they discarded) and abused other residents, further down in West Street. This activity follows a set pattern by groups who are easily identified, if there was any inclination by the Authorities to tackle the issue.

Naturally we reported this via the Sussex Police Call Centre, where the operator informed us that there was no Police support available. However the matter would “certainly be followed up”. From this lukewarm response, this activity, which adversely affects the quality of life on many of both residents and the million or so visitors Rye attracts every year, is clearly accorded little priority by Sussex Police, despite recent assertions by the Home Secretary that anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated.

From meetings last year between the Public and the Police we were assured that Rye would attract some form of community policing. There are no real signs that this has ever been the intention. What a difference a few miles make. In nearby Romney and Lydd, Kent Police is trailing a community policeman on a mountain bike, who is reported to be making real impact on low level crime. I write this with little expectation that it will achieve any local Police response, but perhaps the issue could be raised within the Rye Policing Action Group and at the appropriate Town Council meetings.

Rye Resident. Name and Address withheld.

Careful Public Spending?

Dear Editor

Thank you for your kind words in the February “Rye’s Own”, what is more important I think your comments on the Council Tax are most apt.

One Monday evening at the meeting of the Rye Town Council I asked the Mayor if the Council would take the matter up with Rother District Council.

I draw your attention to the declaration on the cover of the Rother Conservatives Manifesto.

“We believe in: Value for money

Excellent service

Careful public spending

George Shackleton Udimore Rd.

Thanks George. I am told you have taken a special interest in public spending on the De La Warr Pavilion. Do you think we are getting value for money out of the £500,000 a year spent in subsidising this building? Ed.

“Rye’s Own” March 2004

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