Twelve Hours in the Saddle

How do you fancy spending a whole twelve hours one Sunday on a push bike? Sounds painful? You have heard nothing yet.

This twelve hours is a race! The idea to go as far as you can in the time. Even the Tour de France riders do not spend that long on their bikes in one session. Continue reading Twelve Hours in the Saddle

Meet You In Longs

Many readers will remember Longs the Bakers in the High Street. They had a small cafe on the first floor. It was a popular meeting place in World War Two and despite the strict rationing there was always a cup of tea and a cake of some sort to enjoy. Continue reading Meet You In Longs

The Class of 1920

By Jim Hollands

The photograph on the center pages is from the Arthur Woodgate collection
and shows him and his classmates as they were about 1920.
There will be few who recognise the faces but the list of names is
a very different thing. They are old Rye names, almost to a man, and
they went on to forge a great part of the town’s pre and post war
history. Continue reading The Class of 1920