Inauguration Speech

The New Mayor of Rye & Speaker of the Cinque Ports, Councillor Bernardine Fiddimore’s ¬†Inauguration Speech

The first time I stood in this Chamber I was just seventeen and I had recently been crowned Miss Rye. Continue reading Inauguration Speech

Exploring Rye with Brian Hargreaves

Exploring Rye with Brian Hargreaves is a fascinating new guide to Rye. By Joyce Rye The beautifully produced book is packed with dozens of black and white drawings of buildings and streets each one correctly drawn along with short captions giving their history. There is a map which enables the reader to locate the street that they are looking at easily while walking round the town. Continue reading Exploring Rye with Brian Hargreaves

Twelve Hours in the Saddle

How do you fancy spending a whole twelve hours one Sunday on a push bike? Sounds painful? You have heard nothing yet.

This twelve hours is a race! The idea to go as far as you can in the time. Even the Tour de France riders do not spend that long on their bikes in one session. Continue reading Twelve Hours in the Saddle

Potteries Of Rye Society November Meeting & AGM

The next meeting of the Potteries of Rye Society will be held in Rye on Saturday 13 November 2004 at the Stormont Studio in Ockmans Lane. The meeting will include the Annual General Meeting but this will be only a brief part of the programme for the day which is: Continue reading Potteries Of Rye Society November Meeting & AGM

My England?

By Jimper

“England, you are the weakest link – Goodbye!”

England, what is happening to my England? Once a proud nation now rapidly becoming a third world power. No longer do we have our destiny in our hands – it is now controlled by other Countries. We have not got an English Government it is made up of Welsh and Scottish members they have control of their own destiny and representatives in our Parliament. Englishmen are not represented in theirs. We live on an island but are not allowed to catch our own fish unless the men in Brussels say so. Continue reading My England?