Brexit and Rye

Let’s be men – Let’s be Ryers

Ryers by birth or by choice are all Ryers if they love this old town and what it stands for.

By Jim Hollands

Our ancestors stood together for independance 200 years ago

Over Two hundred years ago, direct relatives of myself, Bill Waters, Alec Tiltman, Jimper Sutton, Bernard Clark, Terry Curd and many other well known Ryers became part of the Rye Company of Sea Fencibles that drilled in the Gun Garden and waited to take on Napoleon Bonaparte, who stood with his armies on the French Coast. Bonaparte did not arrive, he decided to go to Russia instead.

Men of Rye 1894
Men of Rye 1894

His Navy was defeated at Trafalgar in 1805 and the Duke of Wellington, later to become MP for Rye, defeated him at Waterloo, putting an end to his war against Continue reading Brexit and Rye

Jimper The Original One Off

The Natural Writer

By Jim Hollands

Unique is a word I use sparingly but to say that Jimper Sutton, Farmer, Fisherman, Bonfire Boy, Marshman and Author is unique is almost an understatement. Continue reading Jimper The Original One Off

The Long Journey Part Five

The Long Journey

The concluding episode in Michael Whiteman’s epic account of his days as a P.O.W

From the Danube to Rye

The next day, the same thing, but we had hardly started work when the sirens blared, we were taken under the sub-way at the station which we weren’t too happy about, as we thought that was what might possibly be bombed. Anyway, as soon as the all clear was shouted we came back over the river to the farm, we didn’t go back to the town again, thank goodness. At about six o’clock in the morning round about the 17th April we moved off to another ferry along the river, it brought us to the south side of the Regensburg, where we went into another farmyard. It had been kept very clean, the buildings were all the way around a central yard. We occupied one of the buildings away from the main house. It was while we were here that the air-raids started again over the town. The day after this nasty one, we were told that a party of POWs were crossing the Continue reading The Long Journey Part Five

Town Crier

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Campaign For A Democratic Rye

The work of the Campaign for a Democratic Rye Group is aimed entirely at restoring power and decision making locally. It seeks to encourage Rye Councillors to face up to Rother and claim back what was taken from it in 1974. At the Public Meeting, held at the Rye Community Centre in November the numbers of people attending were a bit better than those that attend meetings of the Town Council, perhaps there is a message here somewhere. Continue reading Town Crier

Jimper’s Jottings


It was misty with low cloud and a fresh east wind on December 2. Around 9 am. I noticed that the sky was full of weaving lines of birds bearing south at about 100 ft. I confidently identified them as Golden Plover, a bird that, in the sixties, used to arrive around late January just as the shooting season ended. The Plover is one of our fastest flying game birds and presents a real challenge to the guns. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

My England?

By Jimper

“England, you are the weakest link – Goodbye!”

England, what is happening to my England? Once a proud nation now rapidly becoming a third world power. No longer do we have our destiny in our hands – it is now controlled by other Countries. We have not got an English Government it is made up of Welsh and Scottish members they have control of their own destiny and representatives in our Parliament. Englishmen are not represented in theirs. We live on an island but are not allowed to catch our own fish unless the men in Brussels say so. Continue reading My England?